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  • Tesh Osborne

    This is crap. How bout just get to the matter to stop it. No matter if a feminine or a masculine does it.. Remember it is peoplekind doing it . Do not say man made or huMAN made .. That is sexist .. Geez this government and its politically correct everything is stupid just stupid.. Waste your breath on it but people are peoplekind they will stand up and speak from too much of this bullcrap . people can only be pushed so far.. If goverments want to be like this then the word GOVERN’MEN’T IS SEXIST . WHAT ABOUT THAT GOVERNMENTS ????? WHY. ???? GET RID OF THE WORD .. OH YOU CAN’T BECAUSE YOUR SO IN CONTROL OF NOTHING !!! GO AWAY .. WITH THIS SEXIST CRAP .. CANT WAIT TO VOTE THE CANADIAN GOVER”MEN”T OUT IN NEXT ELECTION.. OVER HALF PEOPLE ASKED DO NOT AGREE WITH OUR GOVERN”MEN”T .. TRUDEAU IS DIGGING HIS OWN POOPHOLE!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO VOTING HIM GONE !!!

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