The Attack On The Confederacy – Wolf Age

*** Note: This is a re-upload due to copyright complaint ***

In this second episode of Stephen McNallen’s Wolf Age we learn about why the globalists have been attacking the confederacy and demonizing the south.

Wolf Age is a collaboration between Stephen McNallen and Red Ice.

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  • alexpoobum

    i know more of us are waking up around the western world but is it too late? i mean we will be minorities in most of our countries in 20-30 years. 25% of Australians arent even born in australia and they arent coming from europe. I feel so hopeless and i imagine this is how the people we conquered in the past felt and i wonder if they were hindered by political correctness and apathy like we are today. What makes it worse is im a red pilled former leftist who has a mixed race child and knowing what i do now, although it doesn’t take the love i feel for my child i feel like i did my race a dishonor in this time of need.

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