Trudeau’s Approval Rating Tanks As Canadian Economy Falls Into Chaos! (Freedom Minute)

Josh Sigurdson reports on Trudeau’s falling popularity following his cringe worthy trip to India. At the same time as Justin Trudeau makes himself look like a small child, the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) has warned that Canada is among 3 countries in the world most at risk of a banking crisis. At the same time, Canadian household debt has reached 1.8 trillion dollars! That’s $22,837 per person!
With a tax on pretty much everything, vast regulations all built upon emotional gut reactions, this has become a disaster. So much that the vast public may actually be looking past “nice hair” as Trudeau’s approval rating falls to around 39% from 47% in the past month.
There’s no doubt that he’s annoying even the most hard to annoy voting block. The issue is, why do people keep picking a new candidate of “hope and change” from the pepsi, coke and sprite parties? Harper’s approval was at a similar level in his 9th year. The thing is, regardless of party, the agenda will be carried forward. Government will continue to extort and shove people into debt servitude. Different puppet, same master.
So as people were fed up with Harper and voted for Trudeau, people will be fed up with Trudeau and vote for Scheer or Singh. Either way, this will continue to unfold and the agenda will be brought to the next step.

This should clue people in that politics is an extinct sport and it’s time to look to ourselves as individuals to fix these problems voluntarily rather than depend apathetically on politicians to fix the problems of politicians… and repeat for eternity…

Stay tuned as we continue to cover these issues!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Brittania

    Trudeau is a fucking Joke!!! A soyboy feminist Islam invader lover, that has ruined a great nation and sold it to the communist CHINKS! This bastard deserves to be hung, drawn and quartered as most western leaders need to be. They are traitors to their people and are globalist whores.

  • mikegyver

    Trudeau had an approval rating ……………LMFAO!!!!!!!! maybe when he wanted to legalize marijuana to those that were stupid enough to buy that bullshit, but the people that know all the governments selected in this country we know it was put on the table for that government to steal more money out of canadian taxpayers…………… the mob is alive and well in OTTAWA!!!!

  • Palmira Enriquez

    It’s too late for Canada. CRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU is a TROJAN HORSE and Canada has soooo much INFILTRATED by TERRORISTS and MILITIAS designed to DESTROY the Country. … RIP Canada.

  • Luke Bryan

    Trudeau is a joke and so is wynn they both destroyed canada its gonna take a long time to get out of it high taxes alot of job loss canadians bankrupt small businesses closing down. Etc…..

  • canada eh

    Justin Trudeau has to GO ! in 2019
    He is truly immature/ arrogant/ a globalist/ and is downright aggravating !!!
    People of Canada, Justin’s Agenda DOES NOT include YOU !!!
    He follow’s the thinking of Obama/ Clinton/ George Soros/ Angela Merkel !!!

  • canada eh

    All you horny housewives and ladies in Canada better WAKE UP TO WHAT JUSTIN IS ALL ABOUT !!!


  • watcher on the wall

    how do you figure the outcome could ever change when the house decides which two candidates you will be voting for ? how can anything change when poles are rigged, lets face it the only reason why trudeau got in was because of the lg snowflake bullshit movement in canada and george soros backing him financially , people in canada dont vote on the ability or background integrity of the candidates !!! its either this one or that one , its a rigged game which ever one gets in you loose .. its a two headed coin toss… voting is just …… well tradition and does not mean or decide anything that was not already chosen for you, but with all the fluoridated water combined with the complacency of the people and guess what ….. so lets go around the mountain for a few more generations till something sinks in and shame shame shame on you if you dare to complain or wake up, we have labels for people like you !

  • Annetta Elvidge

    This is a peice of shit . What were people thinking about. Trudeau can go and fuck himself. Vote this people kind out of office.

  • History is Fake

    Better or worse is not “up to you” , Harper at least was a realist, this guy is delusional on many fronts from the economy to immigration and refugees to the fraud of Global warming to Feminist Marxism to the whole weird LGBT..abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz(?) agenda, he denies reality on every front and pushes insanity as the norm. Harper was far far better and lost because of Actions outside Canada ie NATO’s illegal war escalation involvement. Harper was head and shoulders above any PM since Diefenbaker, at least as far as the economy, supporting the family unit, not attempting to steal our rights and holding back the Marxist tax parasites In Parliament went.
    Canadian voters are media sheep and vote as they are told because 90% of them are ignorant of Canadian history pre 1968, Pre Trudeau Sr and our illegal tax enslavement to the IMF bankers via Trudeau’s Treason and a political class willing to go along. All this even though legally a Confederated Canada has not existed since 1931, and that’s a fact.

  • Rebecca Tillman

    “Rule yourself, you know what’s best for you!….Your success is not in their playbook.” Finally you say something that I can agree with. There are some corrupt people in government, some are just inept and others are well meaning but even the well meaning are not personally invested in EVERY person’s personal success.

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