A Post CNN World, and The Future Of Journalism


In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange Interviews journalist Tim Pool the latest breaking news about CNN. We also go over the latest Project Veritas James O’Keefe expose on CNN which exposed how the Russian stories they were running were all fake and just done for ratings.

Project Veritas CNN video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdP8TiKY8dE&t=29s

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    I would hate to live there or in any big city. Just looking at the background of this video stresses me out.

  • d f

    Yo I’m a national socialist (nazi) and i am placed center on the compass. And the Alt-right aren’t authoritarian.

  • Saint Requa

    Luke I’d like your opinion on something. do you think Trump has control of the deep state and the Pentagon? or are they calling the shots regardless of what the president wants

  • Lila M

    fuck off with the Tim… he has his own channel if we want him then we will go there. I unsubscribed to him for a reason. I’m almost ready to unsubscribe from here. Is he you boyfriend Luc?

  • Wild Man 77

    I think it is totally irrelevant whether journalism is unbiased. I prefer biased journalism. I don’t like people acting sneaky and acting like they have no opinion. It just isn’t true everyone has an opinion and it is almost impossible to totally hide it not even if it’s not what you say it can’t be just what you report on. I just don’t see the point in trying to be unbiased. When I mean biased I’m not talking about lying if someone lies are intentionally tries to deceive someone that’s not journalism at all. I’m just talking about their opinion on something

  • Sike Mátyás

    If you boys want to do some unbiased journalism, then i suggest you learn some skills from Dr. David Duke! STOP!!! Hear him out PERSONALLY and don’t judge the book by it’s falsely portrayed cover! You know what’s disturbing? The entire political spectrum is like a game of tetris.. you get left blocks thrown at you, you get right blocks thrown at you.. you get a jab from the black side, a jab from the latino side, the gays and the transsexuals attack from multiple openings.. you have your rights taken away, the constitution pulverized.. how many incidents do you want? It’s a whole lot of paradigm bullshit being played on you… but there’s only one stupid ass tribe that’s in power over all of western society, be it Europe and or America! It’s the JEWS boys! I’m not hating… just sparing you a shit load of unnecessary wasted time and urging you to grow some balls, wake up to the truth… dig into the research and undeniable evidence that Dr. Duke presents, quoting written history, daily jewish newspaper articles… IF YOU WANT TO BECOME REAL UNBIASED JOURNALISTS!

  • Bern Galvin

    Its not just “FOR RATINGS” come on guys… I hope you dont fully believe that…. Iraq war propaganda was for RATINGS???
    There is a clear collusion to shape and seed peoples thoughts…. Russiagate is clearly to demonize Russia and the reason is DIRECTLY tied to being able to Topple Assad… They are seeding us with hate towards Russia now… So that when Russia retaliates from our Syria interventions… This seeding of hate, will come into play per the reaction of the US populace… Demanding to retaliate against Russia/Assad/Iran… Military is how the Shadow Govt moves…They have planned to take out Syria in 2000 and the plan was to be completed in next 10 years…. That failed…then Obamas attempt after the fake chem attack in 2013….they now must take the next extreme step aka 9/11 part 2….. Russiagate is 9/11 Part 2… Robert Mueller was appointed head of FBI just 7 days before 9/11….. What has he just been appointed to do now, after being in the shadows??? Exactly…

  • Angel Velez USMC 0812

    journalist lie as much as our government does so listener beware.and to be honest I have had a distrust of CNN for quite some time.

  • TylrT 82

    Centrist Activism= maybe do a few videos on the basic civics of how to engage representatives. Many Millennials didn’t receive adequate lessons in civics. Weekly video highlighting divide/rule distractions and where common goal opportunities are being missed.

  • Patrick Tyr-Egge

    I hope you guys have capable people watching out for you. Those with power and authority are easily annoyed and, as we have seen in Putin’s Russia, an inconvenient question can lead to the death of journalists. Keep doing what you are doing, guys, your work is highly valued. Stay safe.

  • HeartFacility

    Pool is kind of interesting but the way he looks down on Luke and his followers is lame as fuck at the same time.

    He’s not willing to go far enough and be assertive with his mind and the info he’s presented with – something is going on, Tim ffs!

    We already know this L vs R paradigm is complete bullshit and it seems to be all Tim feeds off? Maybe I’m wrong?

    And what’s with the term Red Pill taking a less powerful, watered down meaning these days!?

  • ASyntheticSoul

    +WeAreChange I have to disagree about 1 thing: the issue isn’t about people requesting what places they want cover, but them wanting to hear what they want to hear instead of the truth found out by the journalists. IMO, it’s not unreasonable if someone asked for coverage of something like the Free Speech Rally, without saying what they should cover or how to cover it. This allows the journalist to have autonomy and reporting on something that other journalist may not be covering. I’ve seen a few cases to where people wanted to offer to pay for security for coverage of places like Venezuela and Sweden.

  • Johnny Red

    Objectivity is sometimes showing that one side is right and the other side is wrong. Sometimes it’s ‘he said/she said’. Video (uncut) is fairly objective, but even then, we don’ know what happened before or after the video clip
    It often takes a lot of digging to get at the truth.

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