Are There UFO’s Living In The Clouds? Sean Gautreaux

Are There UFO’s Living In The Clouds? Sean Gautreaux

Sean Gautreaux
Having seen many strange things like an orange fireball at night next to the highway in 93,
To being visited in college by an odd little being without any features,
that could seemingly disappear at will.
In 2005 during evacuation from Hurricane Katrina,
a huge dark cloud with fingernails appeared to be reaching out for him!
In June/July 2011, New Orleans wasn’t getting any rain it was a major drought only affecting one area!
Normally the rain cooled everything down in the afternoon and by observing radar,
It became obvious that the rain was being stopped, almost commanded to release their energy all at once!
Thinking to himself, Is this weather control?
With cameras and other equipment, he determined that there were shapes up there, that were not clouds…
Interestingly, when observing the shapes that look natural,
they look like a pyramid with an all seeing eye!


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  • armedwithsmile

    best videos of ufos hiding in the clouds in infrared is at you tube .channel JOEY FRANKO YOUTUBE CHANNEL …EVERY DAY NEW VIDEO GO AND SEE IT

  • John Wheeler

    ive read about etheric cloud ships on cobras blog at ….i havent finished watching so il probably add to this 😎👍

    these are the pictures he said are cloud ships

    this is the interview – from february –

    i feel that there are defo cloaked military up there though. il check out all the info given. thanks alot

  • Mapuana Kupuna

    Aloha, it’s about time this info is being discussed. Good job Sean! Thanks Vinny, for doing this interview! Mahalo nui loa & Aloha nui!

  • Chris Burton

    it related to McDonald-Douglas’s high altitude launch platforms they have been building since the 50s. They sit around 60,000feet, made up of about 9 semi rigid 250 foot wide, 30 foot high flat triangular platforms that are hooked together. 90% of the platforms are hydrogen, continually replaced by electrolysis of water in atmospheric mining. As they ascend, lift capacity is maintained for shape by a combination of a top mounted expanding section, and by filling another triangle craft. This allows natural expansion to maintain bouyancy. They nowadays use a combination of solar, nuclear pile , but used to be just nuclear. They circumnavigate the earth every 40 -50 days between bottom tip New Zealand and Antarctica. They join in a long line to create floating carriers, and basically mine gases to create hydrazine fuel. orbital vehicles refuel and takeoff from these stations , never landing on earth. these craft use huge reusable balloons and orbital reentry skipping to descend, and just dock with these structures. occasionally you get news of a sighting when they come down for maintenance. They have three vertically mounted turbo fans for bidirectional control and rapid movement. This is the true space program, these craft are also constructed in orbit, joined to form rings and spun for gravity. They are designed for permanent venus atmospheric habitats….where we have been since the 90s at least. They triangle craft make their way to venus while spun up, and uncouple upon descent into venus atmosphere, where they sit at 50kms up

  • Lara Green

    Awesome, Vinny, thanks!  I wandered over to finally subscribe and PayPal decided to insist upon my creating a password for “faster checkout next time” or some such.  Yeah, no, I don’t think so … any way around that nonsense, maybe?! ;p

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