SPLORE, The Most Beautiful Festival In The World.

We made this video as our contribution to NZ’s most beautiful music festival 🙂

I’d previously volunteered at Splore 2014 & 2015 in the parking crew and in 2016 my mate Mikhail Pierce (producer & assistant editor) shouted me a ticket!
We spent 2016’s Splore mostly working, filming and helping out the crew anyway,
We’d hoped this might go some way
Unfortunately, I can’t afford a ticket to come to this years one.
Please Donate at www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com if you think I deserve it, if not, enjoy the free video and I’ll just stay home this year sulking


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  • TexasNortonsNZ

    Go and jump the fence like I did at PINK FLOYD, ya big girls blouse!! What
    the frack is wrong with you young people these days….. Tuffin’ the bleep
    up!!! …..My back still hurts… so next concert I paid some thug in the
    back street to lower me down over the wall (4 a 5r) u gotta live! dont sulk
    at home, I will mock the crap out of you if I find out you did..nose
    pressed on window type stuff… get yr mrs to give u a leg up… Oh and
    Happy New Year! Its already been a rippa!! Crack on with the hmm
    interesting line of work u do.

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