What You Need To Know About The Soon To Be Most Powerful Man In America

Jason Bermas discusses Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, his relationship to the CIA, his ownership of the Washington Post, his technology investments, and much more.

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  • Michael Dob

    He’s pretty cozy with the the Israeli government too. I’m not going to be surprised if his contract with the CIA is signed with the CIA folks who really work for the Mossad.

  • Mark Scott

    Never used Amazon ! Never will !
    Bezos does the spirit cooking.
    Even promoted it till the pizzagate happened.
    You know what he is !

  • Flavio Antonino

    Amazon has sunk so many smaller businesses with their gangster like practices. They with Google are the Mafia of today.

  • Emily Windsor-Cragg

    The Washington Post, being unabashedly GLOBALIST, offends and opposes our Nationalist Movement and Nationalist presidential administration, en toto. So, he is UN-American, from the git-go.

  • Jacob Law

    There are approximately 17,000 satellites said to be in space average cost of 220,000,000 each. Figure that out and now you know were all the money is being spent on: the crappy part of it is that there is no space or satellites it’s all a hoax and a rip off, but what the heck if you don’t know any better what does it mean anyway?

  • mar c

    when i was studying radio and tv production in the 70s a person, company, or individual could only own one media outlet. no foreigners could own any. reagan and clinton changed the laws. now a single company can own all they media outlets in america. trump is not educated enough to know this and his cabinet is not telling him

  • Schlumbucket Returns

    What a stupid video. Business tycoons really shouldn’t be allowed to own large media organizations, but that’s a broader issue and will be solved by changing the law, not targeting a single individual. The rest of the video is totally bunk.

    Unlike many other businesses that squeeze their customers to maximize profits, Amazon has consistently reinvested to grow the business, and Bezos is directly responsible for many of the technological and logistical innovations that have allowed continued growth.

    The bottom line is that Amazon has been a major boon to the American economy, and as long as government does it’s job, Americans should be grateful for innovative businesses like Amazon. The main thing that Americans should be wary of is their government not regulating these large corporations properly.

  • Ebbaneeza feelgood

    Im i the only one who can see the typical hair style of a jame bond villan Today amazon tomrrow the world type of bloke ….has he got a white cat by any chance ????

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