Jim Carrey Just Drew What? Another Celeb Politician Comes Out?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is joined by Partisan Girl to give you the latest breaking news including Jim Carrey’s portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and actress Cynthia Nixon running for Governor of New York, in the latest transition from celebrity to politician. Once the more trivial issues are discussed, policy and the latest issues with the Trumo administration are tackled.

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  • Stand4 Liberty

    The evil supremacist conspiring Jews were behind WW2 and have been behind every war since including behind 9-11. Hitler was clearly RIGHT about them.

  • dreamlandnightmare

    75% of comments – horndogs going on about how “hot” SyrianPartisanGirl is.
    15% of comments – Trumpbot snowflakes offended because a celebrity drew a satirical picture of the mouthepiece for their messiah, the turd in chief.
    10% of comments – blaming everything on Jews.

    What a nauseating joke the “truth” community is. You all deserve this world.

  • Jonathan Mosher

    I don’t believe that this video only has 35,000 views right now at 7:11 p.m.! I think u tube is potentially beginning to manipulate these things . i don’t know! just a thought!

  • Jonathan Mosher

    Jim Carrey is a bitch! wit his all mockin tongue routine on that late show interview some years back! dumb ass weirdo

  • onilink787

    No idea who partisan girl is. She might be smart and insightful for all i know but she comes off as someone who is there because of her looks and not her brain.
    If so, please don’t go this route. I take your channel seriously

  • myrc3 dot com RodgaDodga PhatCat

    Syria is a 1/2 proxy and 1/2 engagement war. It’s happening because Russia and the US want it to happen. Either of us could stop it in a snap of the fingers. In the US we make our real money in war and war related equipment sales to everybody. Wars will never stop until the NWO is in place…

  • K M.C

    You two sound like u are russian propagandists, is painful to listen to. You fear monger constantly luke and you critize others news for doing fear mongering. I dont like any media that talks about politics. Politicians shouldn’t have the extra money to make media. Politics is needed, there is to many ppl not enough resources, diplomatic relations between countries needs to be in place to keep nations in check. The whole system and anyone who makes media about it are manipulative

  • myrc3 dot com RodgaDodga PhatCat

    This is all so stupid. We want war. We’re good at it. We have a secret toy box nobody knows about and they are dying to roll it out. So war is not so much a threat to Russia, China, USA, and UK. At any time one of those country’s could call each other and stop the war. 1. Put out an order to stop the war, with 3 signatures. 2. Stop all military arms shipments. 3. Make a few visits to those who think they can still sell arms there. Wait And go in and clean up the mess and kill any hangerhonors. Rebuild and start industry.

  • RaisingConsciousness77

    Not to mention that the name “Sex in the City” has been changed to “Sex AND the City”… we’re on a different timeline now and on this one it’s always been “AND”

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