Lab Grown Meat May Include Human Flesh To Overcome Cannibalism ‘Taboo’

They said it was coming and it’s here, freaky lab-grown ‘clean’ meat could be on sale by the end of 2018. Richard Dawkins celebrates this news and takes it further suggesting eating human flesh to overcome the cannibalism ‘taboo.’


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About The Author


  • ultra_fatty

    The world is NOT overpopulated. You can fit every human in Alaska in a 2000 square foot home….

    This is one of the Big Lies the Jews have been spreading to get whites to breed less.

    Youre better than this bullshit.

  • Nikolas De Moulin

    disgusting trash.

    overpopulation is the issue. meat is healthy and required for healthy human body functions.
    Raise and/or kill your own meat. or atleast buy from a small, locale farm.

    factory farm meat is horrible. I’m not shaming anyone who’s bought it. but we must stop it. Transition to natural healthy foods which means grass fed beef and lamb, free ranging chicken etc…

    mass produced factory farm fruits, meat, grain and vegetables are atrocious. they’re devastating to your health. preservative packed food is unhealthy regardless of what it is. meat or fruit. it’s irrelevant.
    Return to nature one step at a time. I know people can’t just instantly switch to eating only fresh meat, fruits and veggies but you can start transitioning now. cut down your buying of factory farm products.

    strive to be stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. for white people and our children’s futures.

  • Matthew James

    This is so unnatural. Go hunting! Not only do you know exactly where your food comes from, you gain a whole new respect for the circle of life. Life is a careful balance, and these crazy people are messing with something much bigger then themselves! I’m all for scientific discovery, but this is too far. We’re humans, not gods!

  • Spawny eyed wazzock

    That chicken is one of those genetically modified one’s. See those giant breast, that’s not natural. They’re altered so they grow about about a third faster and bigger for quick production and high yield. Side effect is dieses, high mortality rate and they can barely walk for long. Look up food inc and what their lives are like.

  • M H

    You would benefit from researching clean meat. Your ignorance means that I cannot take your opinions on this specific issue seriously. Research clean meat there are podcasts and sites and a book on it.

  • Controversial Matters

    Maybe I’m wrong but I can see this going wrong. Maybe people will get sick from this somewhere down the line, it will be a “Oh no! How could we have ever predicted this would happen” moment, whilst you got tumors growing all over your body or something.. I know for a fact that Muslims won’t eat this, so if you want to avoid this stuff you’re going to have to start buying Halal meat.

  • Carlos Smith

    *Truth is stranger than fiction, y’all.* I’ve never even seen people grow meat in movies. This is just bizarre. Just watch, I predict this will turn people into zombies.

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