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Young men understand that it is not about the quantity of the women that you have it is about the quality of the woman that you have. You want a good quality woman who is loyal but in order to have a woman who is loyal you must also be loyal. You must have integrity, you must be honest, you have to be who you say you are. When you become what you say you are about, when you become honorable, you will develop internal gravity. Internal gravity is the force within you that allows you to pull things to you. When we develop something of value within us we develop more internal gravity and the types of women who come into our space will be reflective of our internal quality.
When I was in the 11th grade I had not worked on myself and I did not develop the type of internal gravity that would draw to me the types of woman that would be loyal. As a consequence, I chose to be in a relationship with someone who would ultimately betray me. When I was in the 12th grade I met a young lady who was more experienced than I was in relationships. Our relationship became sexual very quickly. We were very irresponsible and we had unprotected sex. Our relationship was based upon sex and there was not much substance to our relationship. After a few months of being together she wanted to go to the movies but I had a performance with my band. She wanted me to skip the performance to go to the movies with her. I told that I couldn’t do that and that we could go to the movies the following day. She got upset at me. I did not hear from her for several days and she avoided me at school. Then she called me and told me that we needed to talk. So she called me and told me that she went to the movies with her ex-boyfriend instead of going with me. In essence she betrayed me. From that moment things were never the same in our relationship. I no longer trusted her. When the summer came I had a few months before I had to leave for college and once I went to college we were not able to see each other like we had before. We ultimately broke up during my freshman year and after we broke up I took a vow of abstinence. I did not have sexual intercourse for 5 years while I was in college. Instead I focused on my own personal development. I worked on my ability to communicate. I worked on my mentality about life. I started to study books about ancient history and spirituality. I started to do yoga and to meditate. During my 5th year in college I started seeing a young lady who was friend of mine and while there was some touching from time to time we did not have sex. There was also another young lady who was sexually promiscuous that I was friends with and we almost had sexual intercourse. After college I was single for another year and met an older woman from South Africa. I was 23 and she was 33. Despite the fact that I had not been in a relationship with a woman in some time and despite the fact that I had a history of being betrayed or cheated on in relationships I did not allow my experiences to stop me from respecting women. Instead I worked on myself. What happened was that each time I got into a relationship the experience was better than the previous relationship. This is why personal work is so important.


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