Trump Betrayed The Truth Movement, James Corbett and Vinny Eastwood

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Vinny and James Corbett break down the utter betrayal of the Trump Presidency and how the journalists who encouraged people to vote for him are either the dumbest researchers on earth or completely dishonest!


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  • beyondtheprogramming

    The Truther Movement today looks like a colossal joke. Seems Trump the Jesuit may have done exactly what “they” wanted him to do.

  • guruuDev

    James Corbett message:¬† there are no theatrically staged false flag hoaxes with fake blood and crisis actors in the Western World¬†—¬†and, according to him, the idea of that is¬†just “crazy”¬†and anyone who’d think that is¬†just “retarded.”¬† He makes no¬†‘reports’ on events like Sandy Hook, Orlando, and the Nice Truck Attack.¬† The message to his large following is that this¬†massive component of the NWO¬†deep state conspiracy (overwhelmingly proven with hard evidence)¬†simply doesn’t exist.

  • C ridestraight

    It’s just *rinse and repeat*, Vinny. Even watching our alleged alternate American media – vomiting lies to prop up the Circus tent and the lure of Bread crumbs… GAACKkkkk! Good to see smiling James!

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