Reality Check: The True Meaning of the Second Amendment

It may be the most controversial right we have as U.S. citizens: the right to keep and bear arms.

The root of that controversy is in the often misunderstood intention of the Second Amendment. So what is it really about?

This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

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  • We All So Bad

    Lets hope the Liberals don’t try to replace the 2nd amendment with some language that “guarantees” the government won’t turn on its own people. They would simply change THAT language to justify those actions. If a Liberals tells you it’s raining, you’d better go look for yourself.

  • Reaction1s

    @5:02 ; The answer is in proper grammatical deconstruction; Any written words after the comma and “and” is ment in addition. Not in connection. For reference: “statutory construction rules”

  • Dreaded Thread

    I love your work Ben. I must say though that, at the 2:15 mark, you incorrectly stated the nature and limitation of lawful government power when you said: “… but when he gets it wrong is when he indicates that the Second Amendment did not originally GRANT the right of private ownership of a gun, for individuals.” As you know quite well, the government does not GRANT any rights. It is instituted to PROTECT the rights that ALREADY EXIST before the formation of government. I only bothered to comment because “The condition upon which God hath given man liberty is eternal vigilance;”. Keep up the great work!

  • Synergy Nation

    I believe the second amendment was put in the Constitution to protect property rights ( which are imaginary, not natural ). Remember that slaves were PROPERTY at that time. So the second amendment was to protect slavery, which everyone knew violated the Golden Rule ( treat others the way you want to be treated ).

  • tduna

    It is an individual right. It is every citizens right to be armed.. if I say…. The third grade class and everyone else in school has the right to eat ice cream at lunch.. what does that mean….. everyone at that school… everyone… period. Enough said.

  • The Holocaust-Denying Flat Earther

    This is so lame. Anyone with half a brain knows the 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting. The “Reality Check” that people need to hear is that our rights don’t come from the government or a piece of paper! They come from God! Period.

  • rapidroy7

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    ― Samuel Adams

  • Edgrot

    Stop the second Amendment is not the right to keep and bare arms. The second Amendment is actually 6 amendments cupcake. that’s 10 seconds in. No none of it is correct because it continues even further being there are 6 total rights. This means you must also read and grasp posse comitatus which is the direct right of the people. The public is meant to be ready and armed to be able to wage war! ergo a man can own a tank a chopper a fighter plan hand grenades a bazooka I mean any weapon of war he/she can afford. Period end of story. Research where some of the artillery units came from in the revolution.

  • Sylista84

    We the people ARE the militia. With out the 2nd you can say forget about all of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights and that includes Freedom of Speech.

  • damnright4

    Well then after watching this …We should be armed with Bazookas, Mortars, Tanks, Machine Guns and everything else the Federal Government has at their disposal…Right?

  • dbpheds

    Anyone forget that the militia is the people ? Uhhh because they had military and militia fighting in the war this is also shown in the war of 1812 where militia and military fought together

  • jramir2

    Always had a lot of respect for you Ben. Question though, does that mean every individual should have arms? The mentally ill, blind people, felons, every student, every child? If there are limits in place, why don’t those limits extend to limiting how much ammo a person can buy legally? If they are limited in buying all sorts of weapons, including biological agents, why aren’t there are limits to the kind of weapons people can get specifically depending on their age and occupation?

  • Josey Wales

    Come on Ben!!! Let us know what’s really going on. Why aren’t you mainstream like you should be? We all know it’s because the left controls media and the networks. But I just feel like America needs to be seeing and hearing more from you. Your explanation of shit is always straight up facts no biased at all. But you’re not scared to tell the truth either.

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