Trump Lied About Prosecuting Hillary! Truth Media Revolution

This is a short clip from Truth Media Revolution’s Video About Trump,
I just recently discovered this guys channel and he’s got guts!
Which is the only thing required to tell the truth,
Please check out his channel and his videos about Trump here:


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  • jason toppa

    how quick people forget ….he gave her a standing ovation while clapping
    and saying how much he respects bill and Hillary at the inauguration lunch
    …Sessions has already recuse himself. ..

  • marquisdejustin

    Let’s not be naive . . . Trump is no dodo. He’s building up some momentum
    and political capital before he successfully tackles the Hillary issue. Of
    course he hasn’t addressed this a mere two days in. Get a grip, Vinny-
    timing is everything!

  • hunkydoryorder

    Hard to know the tactics being employed in this case. But dont jump the
    gun. The clintons et al are not to be trifled with and the situation must
    be handled cleverly by Trump. If he can save the western world and remain
    alive to do so perhaps letting these scumbags off the hook would be worth
    it tho yea… Disappointing

  • Shaky Vlogs

    those who believe in authority…lmao..they will believe any bullshit that
    comes after that…like elections and such…the matrix is a major mother
    fucker to get out of..

  • Spiral Journey

    Why is this a surprise?? For the life of me, I simply don’t understand why
    the population is so resistant to pattern recognition. I’ve come to believe
    that there is some sort of mental illness epidemic going on in the World,
    especially in the U.S. I feel I’m walking amongst the cerebrally castrated.

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