Elisabeth – European Cooking and Philosophy

Elisabeth is a YouTuber based in the Netherlands. Her videos delve into traditional European recipes, philosophy, spirituality, and culture.

The show begins with Elisabeth telling us about her YouTube channel, European Kitchen. It began as a cooking channel that has increasingly featured videos about philosophy. Lana and Elisabeth discuss favorite dishes, the importance of a healthy diet, and its link to our ancestral past. The discussion turns to the nutritional dichotomy present in the United States, which is characterized by organic foods on the one hand and fast food on the other. Elisabeth speaks about her more recent videos and her desire to condense philosophical concepts into pithy forms for her viewership. We then speak to the European woman’s unique ability to nurture, to protect, and to inquire. Elisabeth goes on to talk about the feminine nature of philosophical inquiry and the complimentary and reciprocal relationship between men and women. Later, the discussion turns to staving off nihilism through positivity, paganism, achieving spiritual actualization through integrity, and femininity in the Alt-Right.


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  • Ferdinand II

    14/88, Heil Hitler, the second coming if Christ was put down by degenerate JEWS, stand up white people!


    I made her chicken frieese?
    It is absolutely delicious, healthy and satisfying, I crave it now. If you want to try it make the sour cream yourself, it’s easy and pretty neat.

  • lightdark00

    Europeans that walk or cycle more, and eat less meat than Americans are generally fit healthy people.
    Americans get sick, unhealthy and fat from too much meat and fat without needed exercise or not eating enough veggies and plant foods.

  • Pen Paper

    Just imagine a world of robotics that seems to be coming, and women finally catch on and go home to cook and care for the old and young…then the finer things on n life can be done by the female and the workplace will have plenty of jobs for men. I’ve been home for 30 years wrestling problems, being an artist, writing books, sewing, inventing things… napping between tragedies and being 100% available to those in my care. Imagine a world where fine and genteel, educated women populated homes and neighborhoods, imagine the glorious lives we could have…I like the role Germanic women had pre roman times where the men would work, fight and hunt to return home to his queen and she had control if the home and her family. What power. She would care for his wounds so he could head out again. This is the true power of the European female…
    I thank my husband for the glory of this life… and for my four children. I am grateful everyday… catch on women. You get old fast! Also watch out for birth control. It can hurt fertility….

  • Jesse Starfall

    You girls were nicer here to us vegetarians than most in the movement are. People seem to forget that Adolf Hitler was vegetarian.

  • Fui Gebhardt

    What a strange facial phenotype this guest has. Not saying it’s bad, just different. Kinda reminds me of that opossum-faced thing in Beetlejuice (okay, that makes it sound bad, but I swear I’m not saying she’s ugly).

  • ross manley

    pity about the ‘pagan’ bullshit.. negating 2,000 years of true Christian European History Culture … the satanic Jew masonic Protocols of Zion 14 WE SHALL FORBID CHRIST … the SATANIC fake JEW Masonic world order..

  • Mod3rncr33d

    As a guy, it’s been really disappointing with all the girls I’ve met who can’t even cook spaghetti. I’ve near always been the one who can cook in the relationship. I’m glad that many women are starting to take it up again but the fact that so many don’t is saddening

  • Anekke Evropasdottir

    Gods! It’s EuropeanKitchen! I wasn’t ready for this!♥♥ and she is even more beautiful than I have seen before.
    Thank you, Lana. Love you both of you.

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