THE BIG MOVE ~ EPISODE 26 ~ Moving Out Of A Toxic Neighborhood + Finding Peace

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  • Max Jullien

    Great news Lenon!
    Been following your channel for a couple of years now and it’s good to see you that relaxed. You seem relieved from a burden and as you said, you seem at peace 🙂
    Much love and positivity for you and your family, and wishing you nothing but the best for years to come!

  • Afromantic Muses

    I’m beyond happy that you are finally in a peaceful place. I really look forward to new flute music from you. I actually meditate to them lol.

  • Jaralle Davis

    my Austin TX move is on Sept 20th. I’m ready for the modulation. I will always say this but we share the same birthdate and passion for music so I know we are linked at the hip. Lol

  • pekinobo

    Mr Lenon Honor – with Family.
    I wish the best for you. Glad to see you´re moving out to a more healthy and maybe inspirational Place.

  • Denzell Lewis

    very happy for you man, you deserve the peace of mind for your beautiful family. I hope that when I start a family that I am able to be a peaceful and positive as you in the role as father and husband. You are so grounded mentally, with a subtle hint of protective warrior instincts from your past conflicts. So much respect. Your sons will grow to be model young men, as your daughters young women. All thanks to a sturdy bond between such loving and connected parents.

  • You Are Leaders

    He jokin, but he serious! LOL! Nice to see you relaxing and releasing with stories of the old. Keep telling the stories, it’s healing! Yes Mr. Honor!

  • Nikki Johnson

    My brother has that same game skill and I remember him referencing patterns. Man poor Mexican guy 😢. The dysfunction behind these stories remind me of my childhood. Question, how to be in service to family that you grew up in dysfunction with. For example my dad was one of the prime source of my childhood dysfunction and he’s elderly and now and my siblings and I are his caregivers. It’s frustrating cause I’m trying to grow beyond my situation but constantly being around someone who has the same mentality, behavior and energy of dysfunction I feel depressed and kind of hopeless cause I feel like I never will find peace and my place in the world. I might have to seek counseling. I just wanted to throw that out there. I know when I create my own family I will be of great service because your videos are a great reminder. Hour videos are awesome. Thank you for sharing your family and stories.

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