THE BIG MOVE ~ EPISODE 27 ~ Would You Like To See Our Old House?

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  • Locs The Chef

    Thank you for sharing. You continue raising the children the way you and your wife are (little to no trauma), and this will be the home your older kids can remember all the fun times they had. How mom made that wonderful meal or how Dad taught us how to tie our sneakers.

    Part of the inner work I’m personally doing now involves recalling certain buried memories that happened at the childhood home.

    At this moment my wife and I are not ready for children but I thank you for reminding us of how special having children may be. It really is beautiful. I remember loving my Dad the way your son’s love you, especially at the old home all those years ago. Wholeness brotha.

  • Sabreeus(Plus Size Fashion Designer)

    Wishing you and your family a safe travels. enjoy your new surrounding. Peace And Love!

  • createdncali

    I can’t believe your family thrived so well in that environment! I can’t imagine you all being there but thank God you have a better place now! I love you and your family and esp your faith.

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