Jack Ruby – Recorded less than a month before his death

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The Man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald recorded by Hillel Silverman 12-16-66. Less than one month before his own death at the age of 55.

Jacob Leon Rubinstein died January 3, 1967
Parkland Memorial Hospital
Dallas, Texas,

Cause of death : Pulmonary embolism secondary to lung cancer

In this short piece of the recording Ruby tells us he did not know Oswald , and vaguely describes how he got to LHO the day that made Jack Ruby an infamous figure in Amewrican History.

He remains an enigmatic individual in the JFK assassination saga

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  • AurochsReborn

    I think Ruby was clearly maintaining this “I didnt know Oswald… It was all an accident” (even though i was stalking him since the moment he was arrested) story to protect the family he was leaving behind. He gave that story and he gave the “the world will never know the true facts, my motives… powerful people with so much to gain put me in the position I’m in” story. Seems that both cant be true. I think the true story was coming out under duress, when Ruby was facing the electric chair and feeling betrayed that they forced him to kill Oswald. Mr. Ochelli, how do you resolve these two stories?

  • nutzforart

    Thank you Chuck for your relentless pursuit to expose the facts. It’s shocking to realize many Americans still believe the lies, which is why your efforts matter.

  • Thomas Tversted

    Considering where he came from, his acquaintances and his life, I don’t think a word of what he says in this interview. He was helped by the Dallas police to be visible while Oswald was in question. Thus Oswald knew that the Mafia was close and that the Mafia was able to enter where they wanted. Just hear how Ruby obviously lies where he tells how he came down in the basement. Come on. It was too easy.

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