Outrage After Swedish Government Issues Child Marriage Brochure – Seeking Insight

The Swedish government recently came under fire after it withdrew a brochure on child marriage. Titled “Information For Those Married to a Child”, the brochure outlined the illegality of child marriage, but failed to condemn the practice itself.

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  • jeff schnablegger

    Sweden AND Swedes obviously support the Islamaization of their Country. The Swedes aren’t even fighting back. Best thing to Do is just Stop trading and dealing with the country. Flood it with 30,000,000 more Refugees and just get it over with. Then we can Just go and Bomb the Shit outta it for being a Terrorist State. It would be interesting to blow the head off some Blonde haired, Blue Eyed, White Skinned Northman screaming Allaaaaaaaah Akhbar!!

  • Emily Fox Most Beutiful Woman in the World Yes

    This is corruption, plain and simple. The Swedish government is compromised somehow, politicians stand to inherit millions, or both.

  • Vincent

    As horrific as this is, it only serves to further our cause. Most ordinary people who are otherwise A-Political will view things like this with utter disgust and contempt. It’s the job of the (real) right-wing to explain to people why this is happening, and most importantly, what to do about it!

  • Spinler Muckflitt

    The global elites and their puppets in the mainstream media and government should be dragged by the neck through the streets for what they have done to Europe. At least now we can all see plainly what filth they are.

  • Maximillion Thermidor

    This is why I personally am an atheist. God nuked Sodom and Gomorrah for way, way less. Who knows, maybe he just washed his hands of us.

  • Ben Stallone

    “Racism has become the ultimate heresy so we shouldn’t be too surprised when the left contradicts itself to not appear to be racist.”
    That is very profound and should be said twice. Westerners have been conditioned to have an emotional revulsion towards even the slightest appearance of racism. You will get more media attention for racist language than physically assaulting someone.

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