Ochelli Effect 1-22-2018 Unique Lee , Sunshine On , Barry Prince

Uniquely Tripping Light Fantastic

The Ochelli Effect 1-22-2018 Unique Lee , Sunshine On , Barry Prince

Moon Day , or Monday as it is known starts off with a wide ranging discussion between Chuck and Unique Lee from Camp U.K. . The U.S.a. seems to have almost the same corrupt system our cousins across the pond do. What is legal is not what is lawful. The planet is insane holding pen meets day-care slaughter House and very few people consider their own roles on the world stage. Plus Chuck screws up the opening to the show again and only gets one caller he can not take. Second hour Sunshine On and Barry Prince join the chat and we talk about the bashing of America on some networks. Plus how much of the world is still under Greek / Roman Rule ? Uniquely Tripping Light Fantastic , we hardly contain the full show in this slightly edited Podcast. Also Chuck gives a partial list of his aches and pains and the concept of who employs who is also explored. Does the Military Industrial Complex control the justified murder industry so well that no one has a choice but to participate in the taxation theft cycle that fuels war itself? Let’s see where it all goes…

Reach out to Unique Lee https://minds.com/uniquelee
Uniquely Tripping Light Fantastic

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