Mary Moorman JFK assassination witness Ochelli Effect-2017-10-26

Historic Snapshot JFK Mary Ann Moorman

The Ochelli Effect 10-26-2017 Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer and Carmine Savastano

Standing on Elm Street November 22 1963 in Dallas Texas across the road from the now infamous grassy knoll A House Wife with an instant camera in hand captures a moment in history. The woman then known as Mary Moorman describes that day and how she came to memorialize the assassination of our 35th President despite being more interested in getting a better view of the first lady and not really having an interest in politics in general. Chuck speaks with Mary in a first time interview for him. We also get to hear what Mart believed she witnessed standing 10-12 feet away from the head shot heard around the world , and how a Polaroid photo ended up being seen by nearly everyone on the planet within hours of the assassination. what is today often refered to as “The Moorman Photograph” is seen in nearly any and every visual presentation on the JFK assassination. Mary will be speaking at the JFK Lancer Conference this year and stated this may be her last time to venture into Dallas for things.
Historic Snapshot JFK Mary Ann Moorman

Second hour , Carmine Savastano stops in to talk about the current Files realeas or lack there of , and they new connections other historic events and figures he has discovered recently.

Historic Snapshot JFK Mary Ann Moorman

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  • AurochsReborn

    Great show Chuck. thanks for all your efforts. best show on JFK … period.

    Completely agree about the moron Trump followers claiming Trump is some kind of anti-establishment champion… a fuckin wall street tycoon… stfu Trump morons.

  • optoeconomist

    It is not surprising that Mary had trouble comprehending what she was seeing from only 12 feet given that she was looking through a crappy demagnifying viewfinder.

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