THE BIG MOVE ~ EPISODE 28 ~ The Concept Of Race Can Block Your Blessings

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  • Nandarani33

    Deeply appreciate the variety though.   But most people have bought the agenda buzz-word deliberately inducing or attempting to induce hatred:  R a c e.   One of my favorite things about life is when people make my heart sing.  Was walking in back of a middle aged black couple who appeared to me to be newly arrived from the mainland, recently…and the female was softly singing to the man; it was a most soothing and loving sight see and to  hear.  A couple of weeks later, met that same couple in a public place other than the street and told the woman how much the scene meant to me  She stood up and we both practically cried and felt deeply.   She called it ‘praise music.’    Though something is wrong with his leg the man stood up and thanked me for the acknowledgement.  I think he meang of the quality of his wife, and the though unspoken by me appreciation for the strength of their connection.

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