What Just Happened, And Who Is Really Responsible?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is joined by Partisan Girl to discuss what just happened, and who is really responsible. The Trump administration has made plenty of false promises in the past, but this may be the biggest one.

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  • Dee Kobald

    The deep state wants war. Obama behind this… he has been travelling all over the world pulling strings.. Sick. Trump will pull out with out saying anything… prob said this to see the deepstate reaction. Deepstate confirmed.

  • Andreas Engeli

    Just shows what an idiot Trump is, opening his foul mouth before gathering any proof. Nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this because they want you to believe the false propaganda that Assad would bomb his own people (with chemical weapons)… but over the last 12 months the world’s #1 best performing fiat currency has been the Syrian Pound on the black market rising 28.05% against the U.S. Dollar.In addition, Syria’s Damacus Securities Exchange has been the world’s #1 best performing stock market. Over the last 12 months, on a USD adjusted basis, the Damascus Weighted Index has gained an incredible 148.6%. to see for yourself! http://inflation.us/site/content/false-flag-attacks-start-final-world-war

  • Edwin Hughes

    There have been quite a few of these attacks that have been blamed on Assad only to be found to be false flag attacks.

    There is less reason to think Assad would do this now than in the past. It looks like the deep state globalist enemies of America and humanity are trying to force Trump into a corner.

  • Gary Long

    Let’s stop the “slow dancing” guys. Occam’s Razor indicates the simple answer that these pretenses and attacks link back to the Zionists. Who else benefits most? Who has, since the USS Liberty attack, been trying to jockey the U.S. into the Middle Eastern theater? It doesn’t take much of a “strategic analyst” to arrive at this probable explanation.

  • Aitch

    Excellent bit of reporting here, thanks for putting this out.
    Unfortunately, Partisangirl was really difficult to understand between the audio levels blowing out and the strong accent. No idea what was going on with her video feed either, it kept resizing and popping up an icon in the center. Of course, I’ve never tried to run a news show out of my house, so whatever.
    Those are just quibbles next to having some real journalism being recommended on youtube. Looking forward to more.

  • The Solo Activist

    I cannot imagine living in Syria or surrounding areas, raising children, trying to live your life, knowing that psychotic, greedy, evil imperialists are chomping at the bit to see blood flow! Especially knowing how we’ve destroyed neighboring countries… I wish we could stop men and women from joining the military. If there were a draft then maybe people would get up and fight the powers that be and stop these illegal, unjust occupations and bombing campaigns! How could you trust your leaders enough to join the military and put your life on the line for these selfish bastard$!!! Right before my fiance died in Iraq (this was in the MySpace days), he changed the tagline on his MySpace page to the Mark Twain quote: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” He didn’t want to be there. One month before he was supposed to come home, and 3 months longer than his tour was supposed to last, he was killed. I don’t want anymore people to go thru that!

  • Edwin Hughes

    Funny how this happened just as Trump wanted to get out of Syria.

    The NWO isn’t going to let their evil plans be derailed.

  • Two-stroke Smoke

    Say your prayers ladies and gents, get right with the Father in Heaven, (The Most High)  The end could be very  close!!!!!  (my opinion)

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