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In this video I talk about how to approach women. Young men must understand that when you approach women you have to have respect. Respect is very important because it set the tone for your interaction with women. Older men must do a better job at teaching young males how to respect women in general. This respect should also apply to women who a young man may be interested in meeting.
Many young males have not been taught how to respect women. Most women feel threatened or insecure when men approach them aggressively. A young man can go and ask a woman if this is true. If a young man had another man come up to them aggressively the young man will feel threatened, insecure, and fearful. So why would a young man want to approach a woman that way? I have seen many men approach women aggressively and I know that my daughters will have to experience this from aggressive men. This behavior is disrespectful and predator. You younger men must ask yourself, “What is my approach? Am I being respectful?”
Young men you must understand that you must approach women with intelligence. If you are approaching women aggressively like a beast that is subject to its carnal nature, then function as a sexual predator. When you approach women with patience and respect then you are subject to your spiritual nature which is rooted in intelligence. Understand that there is nothing wrong with having sexual attraction to a woman. It is part of our animalistic nature. But we must understand that our animalistic nature is not concerned with future repercussion or future consequences. The animalistic nature is concerned with survival. However, the man in you, the spiritual aspect of you, the intelligent aspect in you, it considers future consequences. This level of intelligence should be applied to how a young man approaches women.
There are some males who do not look at the woman’s intelligence. Instead they only look at the woman’s body because the woman’s body is the vehicle through the male can procreate. This too is part of the animalistic nature. The problem is that this orientation to women does not increase the probability that the male will be able to create a positive relationship with a woman. This predatory orientation towards women will decrease the probability that the male will be able to create a positive relationship with woman. This predatory orientation increases the probability that the male will create many baby mamas and that the children that are born out of these predatory experiences will suffer.
Part of the issue is a lack of responsibility and a lack of sexual discipline. A man who is irresponsible will not consider the future consequences of his sexual behavior. A man who lacks sexual discipline will engage in promiscuous sexual behavior that creates future consequences that are not only self-destructive but also harmful to the women that he has sexual relationships with and is extremely damaging to the children that are create through such relationships. The irresponsible and undisciplined man should not blame women for the materialization of such a consequence. Instead he must come to understand that he was the one who placed his penis into the woman’s vagina. The woman did not place her vagina into the man’s penis. The man was the one who placed his penis into the woman’s vagina without using a condom. The woman did not force him to place his penis into her vagina. The woman did not ejaculate into the man’s penis. The man ejaculated into the woman’s vagina.
This is why young men must be responsible for what they do with their penis and they must develop sexual discipline so that they are extremely selective about who they have sex with, when, how, and under what circumstances.
Young men must understand that part of being personally and sexually responsible means that you must take measure to ensure that you do not impregnant women without careful consideration as to the consequences of impregnation. Young men must also take measure to use the appropriate birth control measures so that he does not become a “baby mama creator”. Such measure will also protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
When I was 17 I used to have sex with my girlfriend a lot and we used a condom only once. I was sexually irresponsible. Young men must think intelligently about sex. Young men must be responsible enough to keep themselves protected.


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  • Alden Stallworth

    Also think about it. Women try to present themselves as what men like.
    Black men usually like big butts. White men like big chest. If so many men
    only want sex then guess what kind of women we are going to have. No matter
    what men say we are leaders to some woman. If we really want women to
    respect themselves we have to show respect to each other and also to women.

  • RebelEvolution

    One thing in my experience of interacting with women in where i come from
    is that many of them are already conditioned to think that men would
    interact with them for certain reasons alone, is exactly why i don’t mix
    with nor engage in unnecessary talk with the opposite gender. There
    requires a concept of wisdom in making choices, with intent and
    determination, that is what Manhood [self functionality] is all about. I
    must add that *untamed* desires likewise are qualities of a boy [Puberty].
    With Thanks to Lenon Honor.

  • David D'Sharp

    Lol right on brotha! Maan. It’s a trial to control our beastly ways.
    Fortunately I have NOT create bad situations with my “manhood”. In my
    teenage to early 20’s I was SO afraid of making a family with the wrong
    woman. Reminds me of this time this young lady during my college years
    tried to get on top of me without a condom on, I ended up pushing her off
    the bed LOL!! But in all seriousness, we HAVE to do better if we expect
    future generations to be better.

  • You Are The Balance

    yeah and your right the approach sone men give is aggressive some times.
    This happened to me where one guy was approaching me from the lwft side
    like he was about to strike me. I looked at him like WTF and then he goes
    ohh i saw you in the store and i wanted to get your number. long store
    short, he was jealous of every other man walking and he didn’t want me to
    smile because he said men would try something. I said Ohh No. Good bye. He
    still tried, he was alitttle OFF, kept trying to talk to me until he
    finally stopped.
    lol That cat part tho. ????

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