New Study: Chemotherapy Can Help Spread Cancer, Cause More Aggresive Tumors


According to a new study published in Science Translational Medicine, some types of chemotherapy can increase aggressivity in cancer, causing malignant cells to migrate and triggering more dangerous tumors. But don’t worry, the same research team found a drug that might mitigate some of the effects of the chemotherapy treatment! Join James for today’s Thought For The Day as he explores the history of chemotherapy and the allopathic paradigm.


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  • MsTruthrules

    Big Pharma had to get in on this. Vicious cycle, the “cure” is worse than the condition. You need more drugs to combat the side effects of the initial drugs. INSANITY!

  • Sky T

    Cancer or any other “disease” are symptoms of an unhealthy state of your body, reductionist methods has never worked and will never work. You need to treat the root of the problem and not target just the symptoms. You especially don’t ingest poison to an already compromised immune system. The whole medical industry is killing people. Cancer is just one of the many treatable symptoms that are sold to us as a death sentence.

  • jankowitts

    I can tell James is overall sick of covering issues like these that he he been on top of since he began his work. James is a guy who recognizes the craziness of it all and would rather have it all end right now even if it means Corbett Reports popularity plummets. Support his channel because no many people are “meat and potatoes” like James. I hope he can find that burn within himself once agin to express the passion for waking people up that got him stated.

  • uroshavalon

    All this BS about what and how of a cancer spread was born in one science paper in 1977. Cancer cells can not change their behavior from lung to bone cancer, they don’t have their own consciousness and genetic ability. All is a BS to sell expensive drugs and to get sick as much people as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “new” method is to surface, more expensive and more deadly in response to a “sad discovery” about danger of chemotherapy which of course is already known from the beginning.

  • lerch25

    All cancer treatments are barbaric. it’s just the way it is. It’s not directed by some evil plan. Choose your barbaric plan to HOPEFULLY delay death, cut it out, burn it out, poison it out.

  • Red Symphony

    *Mr. Corbett:* A similar observation was made/discovered decades ago (by a surgeon) when surgery was used to remove cancerous tissue. Briefly, the surgery stimulated the spread of cancer-triggering signals (i.e. molecules) throughout the body (i.e. metastasis). Thanks for the video and all of your mind-stimulating hard work. It looks like Fukushima “air-fresherner” has avoided your home.

  • Glen McIvor

    It’s meant to do that. Modern medicine typically treats one problem while inducing another. More profitable that way.

  • Blue Spiral

    Pharmaceutical medicine was not meant to cure the patient. A healthy patient means someone’s not getting paid. Tenet 1 of the Multi-National corporation is “Profits over people”

  • Andras Szigeti

    You should look at New German Medicine invented/observed by Dr. Hamer – that might give you a better understanding on what cancer is.

  • Unapologetic White Male

    That’s what happened with my dad. His came back after chemo and even stronger! Chemo killed my father by compromising his immune system. He died from pneumonia in both lungs that his immune system couldn’t fight off due to chemo destroying his immune system. Fuck big pharma! I’d sooner go to a witch doctor!!

  • Noel Noel

    The guys who changed mustard gas to a cancer cure-all must be astounded that their product is still accepted as the number 1 go to treatment in the world, killing millions and making trillions along the way-the eugenicist loves western medicine.

  • S Gons

    Drug companies don’t make money by selling drugs that cure people…they make money by repeat customers and making them customers for LIFE…

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