Social Media Alternatives: Steemit and DTube with Dan Dicks


In this inaugural edition of the Social Media Alternatives series we talk to Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about how Steemit and DTube are helping independent media fund their journalism in this age of GooTube demonetization, Facebook censorship and Twitter shadowbans.


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  • TNN: Trump News Network

    so if you haven’t figured it out yet, mister Cobrbett… WHEN WILL YOU MENTION THE NAME *DAVID STEELE?*

  • TruthMediaFilmsProd.

    The fraud Dan dickless? No thanks. Thumbs down, Disappointing you work with him. Come on what’s your deal with working with shady characters.

  • Scott Wasinski

    What I’ve never heard James talk about is the United States Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, or identifying any of their strategically controlled oppositional “alternative news.” Which is a huge part of the whole “fake news” propaganda. Most intelligible ppl realize that Alex Jones is a hub, yet James has been extremely silent regarding his ministry. Considering that Alex is about the most popular Straffor Group contractor and requires non disclosures to be signed by all of his employees, this is of extreme importance, since James is now directing ppl to obvious red list venues…

  • Peace Thoughts

    In my experience steemit is totally controlled not be its general users, but by its owners, mostly the inventors of the social media platform and the first handful of users and investors.
    A few posters will be upvoted by those who control the system, especially if these are users like you and Dan, because you bring your own followers with you from youtube. And since you are indeed doing a good job in bringing truth to the light of day. This is partially a good thing. I’m glad you have this money available for your work and I absolutely love the MLK documentary you made partially by using this money.
    However, for most everyone else among politically interested people, steemit and dtube are a waste of time. The system is rigged and was rigged from the very inception of it. Any post on steemit that’s not upvoted by the very few millionaires on the top of the food chain will become invisible. This means that all the little users who hope for the big payout will become totally subservient to those on top. And you can see that in what they post.
    Sometimes it’s really interesting to observe, it’s practically a microcosm of what is happening in the mainstream media. If you want to keep your well-paid job as journalist in such a media-outlet you better bow down to the powers that (shouldn’t) be and write what they want you to write and never ever question their power.
    At the moment this very subservience of the whole media establishment in all of the western world is bringing us to the very brink of WWIII. NATO and Russia are threatening each other with nuclear war over Syria. Millions of Syrians will then be killed, even more millions of Iranians, and of course, we here in Europe will be in the middle of it, as happened in the last two wars. Although maybe you over there in Japan might be more or less safe.
    What can we as little people do to prevent this catastrophe for the whole world?
    We are invisible and our opinions don’t count and if the war goes nuclear we have no place to hide, while those who start these wars most certainly do have many places to hide.
    I believe we need an ethical media and monetary system, and a caring one. We need a decentralization of power and wealth, not further concentration. Power tends to corrupt, that’s true for political power and even more so for financial power.

  • The BigPicture

    The blockchain is the new form of ultracontrol. It looks like the adpocalipse was created to migrate people into the new system, in which the control structure knows every move you make in milliseconds . What a better way than a fake freedom fighter like Dan Dicks to shill it.

  • Claes Nycander

    Thanks for a great show, as always.. I have tried to get in to Steemit, since I really like the concept and really would like to get out of many of the socials and video sites I use today, however the support is pretty much non existing.. I was getting the message that my email was already in use.. so how was I to get around that?! I found an support email, but no answer still after two weeks.. )-: They should set some peolpe earning Steem by supporting the place 🙂 I used the email

  • Endless Weapons

    I’m @endless.drugs on Steemit and works really hard in my blog, anyways I am stoned and this is a pleasure!

  • Ryan Saunders

    I was in but now I’m out of Steem. I personally don’t like the model for Steemit, it may work for some but I don’ t see it being more popular than youtube or facebook even IF it’s “decentralized” etc etc. Leave me a comment if anyone has any good projects (that have an active GitHub).

  • Paul Marek

    Are these results typical of anyone that signs up for steemit? Or is it only if you bring followers with you? If I’m a nobody will I make thousands on my first post? Maybe some sort of disclaimer that “these results are not typical” would help in future videos. We all don’t have 1000s of followers to instantly steempower our steemboats. But great info, guys. Thx.

  • John Mastroligulano

    You can’t use Steemit without a phone number right? I have no phone & if I did wouldn’t be up for this type of thing which “seems” like just part of telling people to move chairs on the dystopian Titanic.

  • Tracy Spose

    I won’t sign up for anything that requires my cell number. Facebook has been after it for some time. Another reason I do not use messenger on my phone anymore.

  • Liberty4awl

    James, I’m surprised at this vid. Have you done any digging into Steemit? I find Steemit to be a scam, a ponzi scheme. Subscribers have lost all their “earnings” once already. The owner promises this CAN’T happen again though? I find the fact that Dan failed to mention this very telling. Steemit does not censor? If you don’t get up votes your post “stays” on the site but is HIDDEN!!! DD knows this but did not mention this instead lying to all that Steemit does not censor? The cell number excuse does not pass the smell test either. Why not use ip addresses to prevent multi signups? How does paying for a subscription rather than handing over a cell number fit in with the excuse of keeping multi signups out? Is the owner information gathering for a future goal? When I’m asked to either give info that has no logical bearing on what I’m joining or to buy in with NO guarantee I’m skeptical at the least. We are SO easily led down garden paths. I smell yet another jewish scam.

  • Leslie Kaluzny

    Steemit – rather than cell phone numbers to get to post they should require eligible posters to provide a copy of their DNA & then extend this requirement to whales which would civilize the whales, in fact the group of 20 high governing priests of Steemit can provide their DNA as well and because of this open transparency – the result would be the dwarfing of BitCoin which cynically uses volume against their small Bitcoin Traders without requiring that the volume’s individual participants be identified by DNA IDing themselves!

    DNA IDing would require a slice of flesh or blood to be in eternal verifiable storage and slices or drops of blood would be the living keys that allow entry by all participants, that is the new dollar called Steemit would be backed by DNA rather than a dead metal such as gold.

    Post contributions would attach to this DNA.

    Posts & Steemit Dollars would be connected by living DNA!

  • Paolo Broccardo

    One of my concerns with being a content producer on the blockchain, like with DTube/Steemit, is not being able to delete your content if need be. Once it’s there, it’s there for good. I understand why due to the nature of the blockchain, but this is a huge barrier to entry for me. I would love to hear other’s opinions about this.

    (I am aware that in certain cases you may be able to hide content or mark it as deleted, sometimes within a certain timeframe, but this is a crude workaround and doesn’t quite accomplish a true delete IMO)

  • Andrew Wright

    Tried to get onto Steemit, but had to use their own password suggestion. When you confirm the password it doesn’t recognise it!

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