In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the madness happening globally right now. Strikes have been launched.

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  • Spiritual Casino

    Jason, I share your upsetment totally, but, we still have no idea what has really gone down. I believe we should wait and be patient before we jump into the first thoughts we may have. At this point, I’m just hoping and praying that only a certain area was targeted and that there was no population in that area. Thank you for all you do. Blessings to you and everyone on this thread.

  • Dannunaki

    Speaking of Illuminati ritual sacrifice get ready for April 15th, through April 22nd. This is the season of Sacrifice. We have Tellus, Cerialia, Parilia, and the most important Fordicidia the Supreme Roman Sacrificial Rite. Followed by Robigalia, and Vinalia. Fordicidia is the most important it is the ritual of sacrifice to reinforce homeland security and defenses at the boarders. It requires sacrifice, whether it is a false flag terror attack, a fake premiss for war, or a provocated riot. The point is clear. The season of sacrifice demands sacrifes so stay vigilant people and don’t be fooled.

  • TRUTH MATTERS - not greed

    Trump is a sell-out! He’s no different from his predecessors from both parties. They’re crooks mandated/controlled by these Zionist-kikes. 2:51 Nations of the world can be judge by the MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION on each country. NOT BY the few elites/billionaires & their corrupt medias/politicians!

  • Aletia Gonzalez

    Fcking bastard from hell, is always the same lies to perpetuate war and attacks and advance the agenda of the United Shits of America

  • Different Music

    Trump tell that to the thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians the US is killing in Yemen. Why not ask why the US still has allies when the US is the biggest terrorist supporter and is responsible for the death of over 3 million people in the middle east since 2003. The US has only destroyed 90% of the chemical weapons they agreed to destroy.

    Your warriors will be coming home in body bags.

  • Michael Pearce

    Just like every election, elections have consequences. You had several choices and did pick the best of the bunch. Yes, you’re not happy with the way things went to and what it may lead to. You’re still breathing and maybe it’s that time to actually prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    Sleepless nights happen to many of us, young and old just that the elderly have had many more than the young. Being a parent kept you up many nights and worrying about their safety. The sun will come up tomorrow morning just like today. Sleep well for everything will be okay.

  • Omar Touzani

    The US is simply digging its own grave. Let the Christian armies die from the bloody zionist cause; after all, that’s what they been doing since world war one. Why don’t Americans send Mattis and Trump to the war zone instead of sending their own kids?

  • Kathryn Jones

    Have they taken down ’21st Century Wire .com’ ??? Or just banned in Australia ? Can someone advise me please ? Cheers ‘We Are Change “

  • John Smith

    When the Syrian regime is winning the war … which is unfortunately true obviously , ….. why in the world would they use chemicals !!! Something doesn’t add up !!!
    Let’s pray that the Russians will be wiser and won’t launch on the US fighter jets … the US Aircraft carriers USS Harry S. Truman with a U.S. Navy strike group which have just departed from Norfolk, Virginia won’t reach the Mediterranean before the beginning of next month …

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