Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

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Who controls the temperature datasets controls the past, and who controls the past controls the future. Welcome to the Orwellian world of temperature adjustments and climate alarmism. Sit up straight and buckle up tight, because this is consensus science as brought to you by Big Brother.


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  • End Of Innocence

    James, a few months ago you were promoting the claim that chemtrails have been a secret attempt to combat global warming. Well … which is it?

  • RedSpiralHand

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics…. Some time you might want to check out how the U.S. unemployment rates are “massaged”…. And people just drink the KoolAid without questioning it.

  • Alouicious Jackson

    1998 is when the chemtrailing/ geoengineering campaign really kicked off. They’re in a dilemma because they don’t want to admit that, but it’s why there hasn’t been any warming even though the Sun has been more active.

  • mur B

    same old catastrophism peddled by the priest class throughout history as a warning to the perpetual sinner sub classes for not doing what god wants, as transmitted through the priests of course.

    pay your alms and bow (bend over) and the priests will take it from there. wink wink

  • Brandon Bakhtiar

    The chart shown at 5:45 dramatically shows a upward trend if you look at a 100 year scale instead of just 20 years. The trend becomes even more obvious if you start it back to 1800. Also, the fact the HOTTEST recorded month for all 12 months has been set and reset over the past few years. How do you explain this?

  • Myrkskog

    I got my brother-in-law into your work, James. But then he admitted to losing trust in your because of your clima-heresy. Your facts didn’t fit with his feels.

  • Free Your Mind

    I will listen to the proponents of human induced C02 climate change, when those same proponents #1.admit geoenginnering is a 70 yr old science & we are being sprayed w/ aluminum,barrium & strontium. #2. Agenda 21, the Cabal’s answer to climate change, aims to monitor & control the human race on every level. #3. HAARP is real and also engaged. Most people who support human induced climate change are ignorant about all three.

  • Accord DeParis

    Additionally, graphs, skewed or raw, are poor substitutes for field collected dara. Any reasonably intelligent person can do sufficient research and find increasing methane bursts from land and ocean sources, leaving little doubt as to effects on current and future temperatures, drought, storms, floods and grain yields, along with similar hands on, on-site field research relating to glaciers disappearing at accelerated rates, fisheries dying off, reduced oxygen production due to loss of plankton from an acidic ocean; and more clear signs all life will be extinct in under 5-10 years; possibly just 2-5. As it stands, Infants won’t see age 10, Kids won’t see age 20, Grads won’t see age 30. When the arctic is ice free this summer 2017, the heat sink is gone, our ICE radiator is dry, engine/earth smokes going from .75 watts/sqM to 2 watts/sqM like taking a 150 oven to 450 and almost instantly abrupt extinction kicks in and everything dies soon thereafter. Fossil fuel and nuclear advocates bribed us with $2-$3/gallon gas, then bribed Norwegians, “the happiest folks on earth” with an oil trust fund. We absolutely deserve to reap what we’ve sowed;  death, destruction, torture, war crimes, and a total disregard for any life anywhere. In a decade the only thing left will be mold & fungi.

  • The Fuzz

    1) Climate changing is, as always was… so nothing new here
    2) Humans need to stop thinking and playing as if they are god, and to rectify what nature herself dictates
    3) Taxation does not help to stop or reverse any change
    4) Academics get funded by their political masters
    5) Blockchain technology will solve all this nonsense about going back and rewriting history, as it will be a permanent, decentralized ledger

  • Butch Cassidy

    I thought satellites were capable of measuring surface temperature. How does a satellite measure the (air) temperature at an altitude of a thousand feet and so on?

  • Nathan Phenicie

    Unsubbed. Coral reef bleaching, thousands of glaciers melting, there are literally mountains of evidence. Any commenters who think a refundable carbon tax is some kind of “way to tax the uneducated masses” they are missing the massive taxes to pay for war, the tax of usury interest, and the tax of closed schools, high medical costs, and other government budget cuts. Stopping climate change isn’t about redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich – neoliberalism, voodoo economics, and tax cuts for the rich have already done that, in the largest wealth transfer in history.

  • Baalpoop

    The political psychopaths have been compromised through cash bribes, benefits and little boys bottoms at the behest of the issuing bankers buddy…. lets stop pulling the punches. Time to tear down their temples.

  • Jack

    Many climate scientists get angry when you question their data
    True scientists always welcome adversity to their findings

  • Baalpoop

    Why are you people funding these goons? They can all retrain for new careers. They’ll all good at “massaging”.

  • animateclay

    From what I can tell the adjustments are due to inconsistencies between multiple sources of data. For example one was from weather balloons. They adjusted the data to be more accurate (instead of a lesser computer model they used the actual satellite data) – because other models (and evidence) showed the old method was inaccurate. Science always changes when new data proves old data wrong. Yes we have numbers, but in the real world do those numbers show an effect on the planet? If the temperatures are lowering, steady or rising – the numbers are only numbers. We have to look around to see if (for example) the ice on the planet is shrinking, staying the same or growing. Then we know if the numbers are correct when they match. That is the way science tests their theories and mathematical formulas. If we find the numbers are not correct (due to other sources/measurements) you go back and see how the numbers were calculated. You look for errors or inaccurate methods and adjust for the real world evidence. So what corbett is doing is saying there is a discrepancy and this proves there’s a spooky agenda. But those numbers were altered due to multiple sources of data which did not agree with one another. It’s how the scientific method works, but corbett doesn’t understand and falls back on…… Orwell. He should fall back on evidence or explain why the cooler temperatures are the “true” numbers. He can’t show why the revised data should not have been revised – or that the old data was more accurate. It’s because he doesn’t understand. There are always errors in science and they always make adjustments for them. In the real world, we have rising sea levels, rising CO2 levels, melting ice, icebergs cracking and melting, rising methane levels, desertification, more extreme weather, changing jet streams and much more physical evidence to compare with the numbers. You have to discard ALL other real world physical evidence (tons of it) and narrow your whole understanding to one set of old and outdated numbers to make things fit into the view you would like most.

  • junoalk Alex

    The first half of your video you criticize people for having an opinion on the science without understanding the science. The second half of the video is you going graph to graph, noting the adjustment, and then simply concluding that it’s suspicious without ever going over the reason behind any of the adjustments. Even though you scroll quickly up and down through the RSS adjustment reasoning you never talk about it and yet still hold a scientific opinion on it.

    ALL instrument data has some kind of analysis put to it, even UAH does. You can’t simply take measurements from 100 years ago and put them on the same graph as measurements from today, those instruments are going to be completely different.

  • Joss Ambrose

    I’m a climate change sceptic: I can’t help but think “someone” is making an awful lot of money out of this strange religion. I have to admit though, the sun has been frighteningly hot in the UK the last few weeks.

  • Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy

    Freedom is not some dumb ass like you, claiming that global warming doesn’t exist, because the oil companies are publishing your books & letting people watch your youtube video’s..  It’s people like you that are causing the death of millions of people with your propaganda.  Global warming exist.  Stop going against the carbon tax just because the oil companies are helping you publish your books.  It will kill us all.  You don’t have free speech to spread lies.  Now look at the massive iceberg break you caused

  • Attack Helicopter

    nobody says that any sceptic of 2+2=4 should be jailed or harmed because it isnt geo-political propaganda. only the believers in the cult of global warming want to harm or kill the non-believers. please do remind me when and where science said that you have to believe in thermodynamics or youll be put to death. wait…wait…yes, thats right, they played that game in the soviet union too. science never says the kinds of things that global warming believers say, just listen to what theyre saying, its evidence that it isnt science at all.


    The US military has actually talked about warming and cooling the climate in various parts of the world for crop production. I’m starting to believe that it is indeed real, but it’s being done on purpose. I think the future climate tax will actually be used for advancing climate change, not for ending it.

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