The Ochelli Effect 4-13-2018. Richard Alan Miller time travel machine within

The Ochelli Effect 4-13-2018 Dr. Richard Alan Miller :

We started late, but it all worked out. So much could be said about Friday the thirteenth, but not today. Dr. Richard Alan Miller joins us once again to discuss The alleged Mandella Effect on The Ochelli Effect. The conversation, quickly abandoned by Chuck and Doctor Miller is replaced with comic books, team building, and time travel. Coupled with a late start, the first-hour veers wildly from these topics to magic, and the difference between matter, and ant-matter, along with the concept of enhancing ownership through sharing. In the second hour, the sonic waltz is now undescribable as per usual when engaging in discourse with the uniquely mystical intelligence of DocRAM. Plus a few words about what made Bruce Lee as Special as he was. What is wounding? Is everyone in a state of future shock Trauma? Is limitation nothing more than motivation? What do the X-Files, Navy Seals and magic all have in common? Dr. Miller …

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Without a doubt, Friday the 13th on The Ochelli Effect goes well with the distinguished Dr. Miller. There are no limits after all.

time travel machine within

Thanks to all our listeners and contributors for your excellent support, The Ochelli Effect would not be here without you!


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