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  • Ronny Schliegel

    look at human-connection.org Nobody there is making money. its crowd funded and inspires you to make the world better and to act, instead of only hitting the like button 🙂

  • argtv100

    Disappointed in you for this Mr. Corbett. Not one of your better efforts. You are allowed your percentage of mistakes though thanks for your work though.

  • L. G.

    am I the only one questiong James corbett’s credibility?
    after breaking ties with Newsbud. Corbett report credibility seems questionable.
    newsbud does and never has advocated using digital Fiat currency.

  • Sean

    Come on James! Shilling a site that pushes BCH!? No thanks!!! I’m very surprised to see something like this on your platform. Had to downvote this one.

  • Hans Wissmeyer

    What is this? A social media Plattform, or monopoly? I only hear money, crypto currency, can earn, have to pay…. forget it, not my game!

  • James Winsoar

    Simply make your own website and you own and control it. Don’t replace one with another that’s stupidity.

  • 12inchRules

    The problem is there is no platform that excels. First it’s Minds than it’s Gab than it’s the next platform. I’m all for an alternative but we all have to embrace the change.

  • BiddieTube

    One thing, that I MIGHT NOT LIKE about this new site is that people may not be able to comment as there are to this video. What I mean, is that there are people who do not like it, and can comment, and those who do like it and can comment. I am one who often does additional investigation based off both supporting and non supporting comments. One can learn from both. I plan to create an account and try it out. Just like here though, I am unlikely to post, but certainly will read, listen, watch etc and hope to comment and read both for and against comments. If Ryan is setting it up so there is almost all supporting comments, and low to no chance of not supporting comments, then most likely I will not gain much interest and will not use the platform. Thing is, I am Not Always Right and Never Make Mistakes, and can not imagine that anybody else is that way. Getting input from everybody is essential to me. I can not learn and develop if only people exactly like me comment.

  • Marcia Leonard

    This sounds like a pyramid situations. Users earning money for voting on content. Also if you are first you can earn money from others voting after you on this content. To me this makes users wanting to vote for money’s sake rather than for content or belief sake. Voting because you really like content or vote to make money makes voting nothing more than a fake vote and a money vote.

  • Robert Diggins

    Corbett just said he’s more interested in disseminating information than getting paid! Bwahahaha! James “turn on a dime for a dime” Corbett. Or is it James “Where’s the Beef” Corbett? Everyday can be Stab a Whistleblower in the Back Day, if you’ve got 100 yen to add to his nest egg. Or maybe a few $10k “donations”. Can you spell sellout? How about “self-centered hyper-individualistic exploiter of sources”?

    He neither replied to NB’s pre-pub request for comment, nor bothered to contact Sibel for comment pre-publication.

    James “Rent to Own” Corbett, Omitter of Substance, certified Style-Crisis Actor.

  • Jorn C

    What a charlatan this guy has become [Ryan X. Charles]. Bitcoin cash is a scam that cannot scale and as a result this platform will never take off. Pivot toward the lightning network and you will stand a chance.

  • Le Gentilhomme de Fortune

    Another scam like “minds.com” where they retrieve your “coins” If you publish content they disaprove !

  • Stefan Verstappen

    I have been on all the alternative sites for 2 years now. When I check my view counts on videos I posted I have like 24 views, after 2 years. I am also spread too thin on social media and am ready to stop using all of the them. I don’t hold out much hope this will take off.

  • ouchyg

    The problem with gamification sites is they are full of scammers gaming the system. Add blockchain to it and I need to wonder what the heck? You are aware we ended our involvement in Syria…for a day before a highly suspect gas attack took place, right?

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