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    Vinny..PTW want sustenance poisoned, introduce hormones, pesticides,
    GMO,etc into food chain…protect your paradise and stop this crap from
    your politicians

  • shawnanagins775

    Incredibly sickening and heartbreaking at the same time. Poor animals
    suffer, because of heartless, cruel and selfish humans. They are that way
    toward one another, they will be that way to other forms of life.

  • TexasNortonsNZ

    Shameless bastards!! We in New Zealand have 1 in 100 people living in
    cars…. wtf is wrong with the #ricks in goverment, are they so concerned
    with the ‘BENEFIT” that they receive at the end of the week. They are
    CORRUPT, look in any of the eyes of these things and you see that they are
    so hooked on their ‘Tax payer sponsered Benefit” that they will do nothing
    about stopping the 1080 posioning of New Zealand, they are pigs the lot of
    them. Round them up and take them to drink the water that they have made
    toxic… Good thing that they are all being watched, closely and they dont
    even realise. its not looking good for them or the twigs and twitters,
    Kokako watches! WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

  • hardhitter0421

    Wake UP……it always starts where they want it to end….It starts with
    people! All the names of diseases, machines they use, poison they create,
    money used, all of it starts with people, it will end the same way it
    started…..eventually killing people, lots of people.

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