Philip Defranco Screwed By Youtube? Another STRIKE! Cohen Exposed Sean Hannity

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Phillip Defranco Just releasing a video called Tired Frustrated But Also Excited, which he goes over his frustrations with Youtube. We go over their being another STRIKE by a major U.S alley and of course the crazy situation with Michael Cohan recently exposing Sean Hannity as his client following an FBI raid of his office looking into the Stormy Daniels case.

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  • Robertperry777

    il be following u on youtube now .. just started account .. people r more vocal and quicker info w wide.. for 515k subs ans a 8 yr history your views are way down .. it seems like they want certain people to get views by design . ones that talk the same thing but never show any proof . just parroting info . im sure many know youtube channels you are surprised getting 40 k views per vid on nothing . and others 500k on regurgitated vids..

  • Vad3r

    You’re doing good work, this website is run by very bad people, the way they control what we see is wrong and Orwellian.

  • Gary Donnison

    Trump and Putin may as well be in.homosexual relationship they’re that close ! Then throw Netenyahu in the middle and you’ll be closer to the truth

  • Brian Heath

    They ought to let us Post our own homemade porn on YouTube so we can be amateur pornstars and get paid for it LOL monetize YouTube porn

  • Gary Donnison

    It’s a linear war designed to keep us all permanently confused , they’re really all friendly and in it together but you can’t see that you’re playing into the hypernormalisation

  • Wingman115

    They don’t want another 2016 upset election. The powers that be want full control so they can push their fake news.

  • Robert Tony

    The tested Russian system and it failed, choosing from several options a straight up lie, to gaslight Russia with it could have been worse. They lied, tried and their missiles died and whoops, now a gaslighting campaign against the Russian government to try to limit a counter strike, of what ever form. Whether it be supplying enemies of the US deep state around the world, like Yemen or Cuba or Venezuela and not just Syria and Iran. How about a joint Russia China rescue plan for Venezuela or even the Yemen.
    Of course diminishing the global diplomatic presence of the UK would also work well, treat them like a third world country not worth dealing with, simply not worth the cost or effort or proper diplomatic channels, just token ones.

  • tehBookDevourer

    Wow Luke, I have followed you since like 2004. I remember when you was on the street in NY doing 9/11 truth. I don’t need youtube to tell me to watch your videos.

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