Positive Relationships: How To Rebuild Trust

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Question: How can you learn to trust someone?

Often I find myself standoff-ish to people. Solely bc I just don’t want to be disappointed with untrustworthy actions. This hinders me from meeting people, how should I get over my fear of disappointment? I don’t want to feel like people are always out to get me, especially men.

I personally feel most men have an agenda. how do I change this?


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  • Gainer Trader

    Hi, what do you think was causing the temporary sickness you had endured?
    I’m very happy to see you both looking well.

  • Jay T

    I truly believe honesty is one of the most beautiful things you can share
    with someone.

    Stay true to yourself and honest everything gets easier after that.

  • mightybee101

    I would add she could journal when people betrayed her. So she can read the
    common patterns in her life. She will develop a short of warning signs
    list. Then journal why she felt she should except that behavior from
    others. Then work on why she allowed it in her life. And she’ll be able to
    trust herself. If people who aren’t right shows she won’t be available for
    the abuse/pain/being used. I hope that made since.

  • Inspirit.Nutrition

    Please keep doing these videos. I deactivated my private membership account
    because you guys stopped doing the positive relationship videos! =D

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