The Entire Political Establishment Agrees On The War Against Assad

A strong, clear anti-war anti-interventionist stance is only among a minority in the USA.


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About The Author


  • Lomax0506

    The way Lana pronounces some of her words are like totally ‘surfer dude speak’ 😁 She must be a West coast girl.

  • Xylospring

    I’m sure the US citizens don’t like illegals in their country, and Syrians agree, it I should troublesome when illegals appear. Iraqis also agree, so do Libyans.’

  • Unapologetic Pagan

    look at the like to dislike ratio on this video and then hop over to Rebel media and look at their video praising the airstrike and it’s like to dislike ratio. Complete mirror images

  • Proud Canuk

    Sick to death of Israel! Let them fight their own wars instead of dragging everyone into their BS Zio world domination.

  • TheCausation

    It’s interesting because I’d say there’s actually common cause here amongst much of the public left and the _true_ right.

    No remotely sane person wants war.

  • Yochanan Israel

    Elites another code name for so-called whiteman who rule the earth
    Job 9:24
    The earth is given into the hands of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof: if not, where, and who is he?

    Ain’t Jesus gonna judge when he come back? So that makes him a judge right, well the scripture say somebody covered his face and god face too, who did it? Was it the China man no, was it the Arab men no, was it the the black man no, was it the whiteman ohhh 😮 I think we got a winner, it’s the so-called whiteman who painted Jesus white, that’s blasphemy of the holy spirit

  • Dustin

    These are the globalist communists that have hijacked our world and our countries. This should be where we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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