How to Achieve the Life of Your DREAMS

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    Chris I am very proud of you you tell it like it is. So many people just don’t like to hear about the blessings that other people get, or receive. Jealousy Envy is very sad and consumes most people. I shout with you, as your a shining sample proof to many, you can do it with hard work and yes, the biggest thing of all, direction and peace that comes with Jesus Christ as the Center in our life. The religious robe people come out of the woodwork thou, so don’t listen to the trolls and the haters…
    I am still working on it too and will get there soon, as I believe in you and this realm of crypto and know with hard work, studying and staying the course, it will happen!
    Thanks again Chris from Grand Junction, CO

  • Joshua Whitehead

    Your gold, bit-coin, silver or any thing to symbolize money will be WORTHLESS in the last days and thrown into the street!! I used to like your channel until you became this arrogant money hungry guy. I’ve never been afraid of failure. I’ve trusted GOD all my life and I don’t care about money. Your stuck in a facade and have been sucked into the beasts system. Why ask for money on almost every video? More like bum-coin rich. Shame on you.


    What’s Ironic is how Chris criticised a man driving an Audi R 8 in one of his videos several years back and now he’s doing this…

  • Alex Demers

    This video is proof that money changes people, and not in a positive way… you’re so fake it’s actually kinda sad lol wait no, it’s hilarious!

  • USConnexion

    Guys this car costs $87 000.00 brand new. I’m an average person and I own a $107 000.00 escalade. This is not a sign of success. Real people with money don’t even buy a car. I still support your journalist side though 👍

  • gary medlin

    Dude, we’re happy that you’re having success and that you’re able to purchase that six figure vehicle. Come on dude, give it a break though. Don’t start idolizing it as though it’s become your latest God.

  • cajunkid0

    If you people don’t care for this man and think he’s a fake, then unsubscribe him. Some of you are so damn hateful and disrespectful, if you’re not happy for him and what he’s does, then get the f—k out.

  • Roberto Quimada

    Still selling the 1 year food supply bcz WW3 is just down the corner and at the same time you’re flaunting your Maserati and how rich you are. I thought you left Wall Street bcz you cant stand the lifestyle. Did you really?

  • joe budi

    Someone please explain how this guy “made it”? Not being a hater. My gut is screaming bullsh!t though. I trust my gut. Can someone please link me to a business magazine interview or seminar speech, newspaper article anything showing this guy is who he says he is?

  • HoaxWhoreHunter

    Congratulations on your success. You are definitely a good motivator. Just don’t ever lose your journalistic prowess. You seem like a pretty cool boss to work for too. Just don’t forget to take care of your employees. Chad seems like a really loyal guy, and he has a great delivery when it comes to reporting the news. Best of luck to you all !

  • John Golden

    Your not who I thought you were I should have been realize it when you said you used to work for Myrell Lynch and worked in finance that your only here for the dollar and not help people to understand the society we live in it’s very disappointing to see you talk about Bitcoin and worship the dollar one day you’ll understand.

  • Judy magill

    Store up treasures in Heaven folks, not here on earth. Possessions are NOTHING compared to the gifts of God and will keep you grounded in this world.

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