How To Unleash Your True Power As A Creator, Truthseekah 18 Apr 2018


How To Unleash Your True Power As A Creator, Truthseekah

Tell us who you are and how you got to where you are now…

Seems as great a place to start a discussion as any other.
After going through a period of religion, a deeper revelation dawned that the occult and mystic arts had more to do with being a powerful creator, rather than just a servant of one, that realization carries with it certain obligations, namely, that it honors ones creator if one is also a creator.
But, guilt, fear and pain, while unpleasant, are in fact one of the principle drivers behind the creation of in many cases, great art and innovative, inspiring individuals.
A deep and personal conversation about what makes people who they are, is, sometimes, the easiest way to see ones own path to a better future.
Please listen, laugh, learn and ponder over this truly provocative conversation that touches on everything from religious indoctrination to making music that comes from the soul!



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