De-Occulting the Internet

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  • Dumpsterbinbandit

    DARPA has a god complex!
    You are an incredible researcher Marty. I can’t wait to see which curtain you pull down next. I’m a big fan of your work. Learning about the cipher for English Gematria through your books and videos has been mind blowing. Thank you 👐

  • Spyro Paint

    0 ~ O (Output)
    1 ~ I (Input)

    the ON/OFF-Symbol is formed out of “0” and “1”

    PI ~ IP (-Address)

    PI – tagoras:
    P + I = Y (16 + 9 = 25)
    P = 4×4 = 16
    I = 3×3 = 9
    Y = 5×5 = 25 (the chinese symbol for human is Y upside-down)

    Internet in simple gematria = 105
    105 = 14th Triangular Number (Conn. of 15 Points)
    105 resembles IOS
    renitent is an Anagramme of internet
    there are two “TEN” found in internet, TEN – TEN – IR (IR ~ infra red, “red” in spanish means “web”)
    look at the SATOR-Square (simple gematria):
    SATOR = 73 (7+3 = 10)
    AREPO = 55 (5+5 = 10)
    TENET = 64 (6+4 = 10)
    OPERA = 55 (5+5 = 10)
    ROTAS = 73 (7+3 = 10)
    totals: 320 (5 x 8 x 8) (==> chess board, which value has the King/Kong?)
    (3 + 14 + 15 = 32)
    32 TEN TIMES = 320

    some more 105 words (simple g-materia):
    bilderberger, Brothers, christine, Definition, dreamspell, fourty, frontier, Gadolinium, lawsuit, lightspeed, lightyear, localhost, nanometer, newzealand, Nine-Eleven, Pop-Star, quality, saviour

    some german words which count to 105:
    anziehung, ausserdem, direktion, einfluss, flugzeug, fuenfzehn, gespenst, gleichungen, handschellen, Kaiser Karl, Klimawandel, Meskalito, Oster-Ende, praktisch, Produkt, pyramiden, Sauerteig, straftat, tektonik, tolerant, ueberwachen, Verbunden, verhalten, vielleicht, wismut, wurzel, zurueck, zustand

    Marty, regarding your G ~ T decoding:
    the small T resembles an upsidedown 7 (in german writing with the additional middle-line)
    “t” and “7” together form the “8”


    All much love and fun, Spyro

  • Richard French

    Have you seen ‘The Circle’? – (on Netflix)Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Bill Paxton, Internet, Privacy, YT … you might like 😉 … peace and luck

  • Sanders57

    Wasn’t Al Gore that guy who was also full of shit with global warming?, being full of shit just makes money nowadays, funny world we live in…

  • Basile Rainwash

    You’re so right the tool who was created to enslave us further more can be the tool to free ourself !
    but most people come on internet for distractions, they think they have the truth or that truth doesn’t exist, the result in both ways is that they don’t search for it.

  • Cory Samoila

    Okay, so the English language is the newest language, words are vibes and they effect our energies/being/intentions.

    God said…..

    Body language is “Universal”, it’s our true language.

    Divided we are conquered.

    WE need to secure food n water within community greenhouses.

  • saturnian sun

    awesome vid. what is the difference between on and off? When one is on, one is aware of the consequences of his thoughts, words, and actions. When someone is off, this person just stumbles along and may make quite a few mistakes in the process of learning. I thought we were using the internet against the “man”. Shout out to Dorothy, Blanche, and Sofia.

  • Al Revés

    Great video and info! At my blog I attempt to de-occult life – Do a search for r3v3s pattern recognition – I demonstrate why awareness has nothing to do with energy. Thoughts are energy as well! All is connected. The 7.7 earthquake yesterday, on the 199th day of the year, with 166 left, being 177 days since the last above 7 EQ, is not at all random. I put an image called “A Money Bloke” on tumblr 333 days before China lost 6% on its markets, sparking the 888 dow drop in August 2015. Awareness is not energy.

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