Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ What You’re Not Being Told

The mainstream narrative on Trump’s immigration ban is intentionally avoiding the core issue.
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  • JesterofPaupers

    SCG,nice to see you back! Sorry about your voice but now you sound like Big
    Boss,so if you wanna make Outer Heaven,just remember me,ill join why not.

  • Aaron David

    Are you trying to sound like Clint Eastwood? Do you feel lucky punk well do
    ya! You need to get out of the woods bro it sounds like your gonna take
    your self out while you hide out.

  • Kathy Bradbury

    As I understand it, Trump simply enacted an existing order created during
    the OBAMA Administration, likely in an attempt to ease in to more
    restrictive rules. He is facing a great deal of opposition in government
    both here and abroad- both overt and covert. Saudi Arabia already has a
    very open relationship with the US, so he’s taking advantage of
    it…probably eying those empty tent cities! We’ll see as time goes on, but
    I’m praying the vermin and turncoats are flushed out quickly, with minimal
    damage. God bless you.

  • rob servermonitor

    Brother, I love your videos, but please cut down on the reverb, it makes it
    hard to hear you and I’m sorry the hell you went through with the

  • Shine the Light

    The ban is on the same seven countries which General Wesley Clark admitted
    was the goal to “take out” after 9/11. Instead of pointing out what you
    feel are “hypocrites” for not noticing the same strategies during the Obama
    admin, let’s not forget how pervasive the msm was at deceptive reporting
    along with the suppression of valid information for the general public, as
    well. Only in the last few years has some of the “alternative news” been
    trusted as options to get at real truths, finally awakening those who
    formerly trusted the msm. Let’s face it, we’ve all been duped in a number
    of ways. Stop the divide tactics which include pointing fingers at the
    assumptive hypocrites for awakening late in the game. The point is to
    realize this is their goal (divide), so let’s counter that with a universal

  • Frank Herold

    The way I understand it and why SaudiArabia isn’t on the list is that he
    used Obama’s already approved list and they could add to it later.

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