That’s It, We’re Packing Up

It’s moving time.


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About The Author


  • Danny Torrance

    Would’ve been nice to see the rest of the old studio considering we rarely see you two outside of a room. This video feels rather claustrophobic and something seems _off._

    I’ll bet I’m going to get a few RedIce fanatics to call me a name or ask me to show proof of something or whatever ridiculous method they use to attack dissension around here lately, but didn’t any get a suspicious vibe from this?

  • oceandrainer

    Great! A worrying title, but I hope Red Ice continues to grow.

    Keep up the great work. The struggle never ends. We are all on our very own hero’s journey.

  • Modern MGTOW

    Sending Respect from South America… the lesser known America also built on Western Culture. We are listening. Good luck with the new space!

  • Carlos Smith

    *Y’all scared me.* The title made me think Red Ice was being shut down. I was thinking, “where else am I going to get my non-bullshit news from?”

  • Mike Forester

    I hope you applied your Swedish autist sense for dilligence and metiulously wrote down the cable connexions for the audio.
    The first thing that could go wrong in setting up a new broadcasting rig is the sound … and _the Internet_ will complain about the sound, always 😉

  • Jimmy Wewelsburg

    Why Is there always a yearning need to get “bigger” and greedy, you had a good thing going, but I no longer trust this operation. Have you taken any Shekel funding for this fancy new studio? Is Lana’s father a former chosenite, radio journalist deceiver too?

    You don’t exactly do your reputation any good by repeatedly welcoming on Faith Goldberg. I know she Is a deceiver. Some of us can Identify a liar In dozens of different ways, and her and Lauren are spritually redundant, lying through their teeth for the State of SwIzzrael.

    Disppointing click bait too this was. Implying that you were giving up the eternal struggle and moving on to other things, so that your subs would be curious to check the upload and then proceed to send more (and more) shekels.

    Rise of the Nazbols – Renegade Productions:

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