DO YOU RESPECT WOMEN? ~ New Documentary by Lenon Honor


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The documentary “BEYOND GANGSTER BLACKFACE” takes a critical look at the power of music lyrics and how lyrics can influence the mentality, language, and behavior of young impressionable children. In particular, the documentary explores how Gangster Rap promotes black male criminality, disrespect of women, and negative male/female relationships. Other topics discussed in the film include the East Coast / West Coast Beef, police brutality, Blaxploitation films, domestic violence, manhood, fatherhood, womanhood, motherhood, and how to protect your mind from negative media programming.
Documentary Written, Directed, Edited, and Executive Produced by Lenon Honor
FEATURING: Akanundrum, Alonzo Williams, Ayida Honor, Gaknew Roxwel, Keidi Awadu, Lucas Eddens, Mecca Islam, Nubia I, Sadiki Bakari, Salahdeen Asad, Sonia Barrett, and Wolfgang Amadeuz

Music by Lenon Honor
Film Run Time Approximately: 143 minutes
+ DVD Bonus Features 120 minutes
Copyright (2017) Lenon Honor All Rights Reserved


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  • RebelEvolution

    Apart from men not respecting women, many modern women are also the cause of this, taking it a subject away from the Hiphop culture, in modern society there are women who go for the “bad boys” instead of the “Nice guy”, They go for an unrealistic relationship just for the money in trade for sex, not for a healthy intelligent guy who wants to build a family, then after when their sexual value drops after years of riding the bad boys and semi prostitution ( which is dating for money ), they complain that there are no good men.

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