An Attractive Woman Attracts The Wrong Type Of Men ~ What Should She Do?

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  • Leslie Bowden

    I really appreciate your willingness to share your relationship publicly. It’s important. Keep on keeping on! 💜

  • Brett M

    I think she should also be proactive in choosing a men herself. If she finds a man that has good qualities she should go get him. She should not rely on the man to choose her only.

  • ascendedmastery

    I feel so much bliss through my screen ! Growing up with only one parent , I figured I didn’t need a true relationship really. But what I just felt from watching you 2 . It all makes sense now. So ,thanks haha

  • Dia Nunez

    Thank you:>) I really dislike when people use the “mirror” concept as well because life is much more complicated than that and not so clear cut.. so much deeper than that

  • Ernest Ward

    mirror concept is real but of course it’s deeper than that. when you are intelligent, everything doesn’t need to explain out unless you are low vibrating. also how do we know that she is going about personal development correctly? also words are words but feelings are what matters so she needs to check her beliefs and feelings.

  • OpenMindedGoddess

    Wow I was just speaking on the topic of law of attraction in terms of being a mirror of each other. So thankful for your insight and clarification! Because that statement about we are mirroring who we are has never resonated with me.

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