Ancient Hidden History Decoded, Atlantis, the Akashic Records, and Time Travel

I had the honor to sit down and have a chat with Tricia McCannon at the 2018 Ozark UFO Conference. We talked about many fascinating topics. She is a clairvoyant whom has done over 6,000 readings and reading Akashic records. Our focus in this interview was her research into ancient mysteries and hidden history. She discussed the intervention of the Gods and pointed towards the bible as some references. She also explained why the gods would create a genetically engineered human species. She explains that the human race has become amnesiac and we have lost our way. The she talked about humanities divine purpose and what exactly our purpose is here on Earth.

Other Talking Points:
-Atlantis and Lemuria
-Ancient Advanced Civilizations
-Karma and Ego Structure
-Cosmic Intelligence
-Fallen Angels, Elohim
-Ancient Lost Technology
-Philadelphia Experiment
-Time Portals and Time Travel
-Secret Space Program


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  • Fanaprimo

    What a bunch of nonsense.

    Atlantis was the volcanic island of Santorini (Thera), Capital of the Minoan civilization.
    The ruins of the city on the volcano rim are still there, covered under 30 meters of volcanic ash.
    The eruption was around 1540 BC.

    The Akasha records were a legend for centuries.
    Some Bhuddist monk had made a report of it after a travel over the Himalya’s.
    I have seen them in a German documetary, years ago.
    It was about a Bhuddist monastery in West-China.
    In the middle of the inner garden, stood a small chapel.
    Containing carved stone tablets, placed next to each other on their sides.
    Sand was put between and over those tablets.
    The writing was in mirror image, to be used as printing tablet.
    Every tablet contained the information of one specific type of craftsmanship.
    The purpose was : that after a devastating earthquake you only needed ink and paper and the tablets
    to hand out the information to get some task done, even by a person that had no education in that field.
    (it would result in a black paper with white writing)
    Just to restart civilization as fast as possible.
    The story about a library, that contained all information over a civilization,
    became a myth about a library containing all history of Humanity over thousands of years.

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