Important Documentary Update ~ 4 Days Left!!!

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I have launched a new crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming documentary, “N.W.A ~ A Critical Analysis”. Featured speakers in the film include: Wolfgang Amadeuz, GaKnew Roxwell, Ayida Honor, Lucas Eddens, Nubia I, Salahdeen Asad, Alonzo Williams, Mecca Islam, Sonia Barrett, Keidi Awadu, Sadiki Bakari, and Akanundrum

In the film we are taking a critical look at the impact that negative rap lyrics have had on the mental, emotional, social, and relational development of young boys and girls. In particular we will be exploring the lyrics of the gangster rap group “N.W.A (Niggas Wit Attitudes)”.
There has been a long history of negative media programming that has been detrimental to the self-esteem and self-concept of young children. Often times the influence functions as suggestive programing that changes the self-identity of young boys and girls.

My documentary N.W.A ~ A Critical Analysis is designed to equip parents and their children with the intellectual tools needed to protect their minds from negative music lyrics. This includes lyrics that promote and glorify the disrespect of women, verbal abuse, negative male/female relationships, and physical violence against women.
At this point I have completed about 70% of the documentary and I need your support so that I can complete the final recording session. We are close to completing the project and I need your help to finance the final recording session. Please support and share. Thanks! Your contribution to this crowdfunding campaign will move me one step closer to completing this important documentary. So please make your contribution today. My name is Lenon Honor and I thank you for your support!


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  • Harold JR

    I wish you the best working on your documenting I thank you for making that
    video about letting go of people and organizations who bring negativity and
    unnecessary stress to your life I realize that what you say is true in
    order to heal I need to cut those type of people off I figure that’s a
    start and I feel good about taking back control of my life thank you Lenon
    keep it up !

  • BeeLove247

    Just made the donation for my son Byron, glad we caught this today… thank
    you for everything you and your beautiful wife and family contribute to our
    lives. xo

  • King Rochy

    Hello Lenon, am a huge fan of yours from Benin, West Africa. I watched most
    of ur videos on spirituality and enjoyed them a lot. But there are still
    some areas that are not clear to me and i would love it if you can help me
    clear things out.
    i know this video is not about spiritual stuffs, but i really need your
    take on this.
    What do you think of witchcraft? You said in one of your earlier videos
    that the spiritual and physical world are different and nothing from the
    spiritual world can manifest into the physical world. But how is it that
    witches and wizards are able to harm people without physical contact ? Also
    have you ever heard of voodoo ? If yes, how are they able to harm people
    from distance? I really need you to PLEASE help me understand things
    better? Do you think that if i just stop believing that witches can harm
    me, it can save me from them?

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