Quebec Heavily Divided In Wake Of Mosque Shooting

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with a woman exiting the funeral for Muslims killed in the Quebec shooting who tells us that she felt that a sense of community was just simply not there. Support us on Patreon ➜

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  • Ihtef Keles

    One Supposed Muslim randomly kills civilians: Islam is baad !!
    Muslims got killed in a random assault on mosqe : Islam is baad !!

    Dan thats your narrative man!

  • Chris Crandle

    What really happened here. There is a major cover up. Everyone knows it.
    People will keep on dying if the police/government keep hiding the truth.
    Where is the explanation between what eye witnesses said and what we are
    now told. They just change the narrative without explanation. That’s pure

  • hltigue

    I’m going to be honest with you Dan I think that woman is high then we
    should not be integrating with other cultures multiculturalism is what has
    destroyed Germany and it’s also going to destroy Canada but I’m going to
    give you thumbs up on your video

  • Totally left Field

    she’s a bit of a rambler but she made some points that I agree with…
    being that I live in Montreal, there’s a closed mindedness between country
    folk and city folk which has nothing to do with religion anyways……
    which is also a “Quebecer thing” here in this province, Quebec as a
    supposed “Distinct Society” has it’s little known qwerks,
    …..and she’s right about there having to be a willingness to learn about
    each other if your going to bridge a gap, …..the interest must be there!
    …good video! welcome to Quebec and enjoy some poutine! cheers ;)

  • mickeyh1961

    This woman needs to go to any Islamic state and try living as a non Muslim
    then perhaps she will have a much better understanding of discrimination
    intolerance narrow-minded view of life, notice how she puts the onus on the
    non muslims whatever people etc to initiate integration in other words it’s
    all their fault that integration is not happening.

  • Canucker

    We have to integrate to them! and they shouldnt integrate to our culture!
    Omg so sick of Libtards.. May God help them all. I feel so bad for the
    World my kids have to grow up in.

  • A.J. Dohmen

    We must integrate them, she said, and I think the operative word is
    ‘integrate’. If they won’t integrate, then they need a hard push to make
    them do it. And if they still refuse, well, sorry, but take the door and go
    home. The fact that this woman left the service after travelling so far to
    be there because there was no effort made to translate in French or English
    speaks volumes about the problem. She reached out, and had her hand slapped
    away, which highlights the problem quite eloquently.

  • Paul Plourde

    This is not true in Quebec!! I know Quebec well and they are leftist! She
    is not from there and doesn’t know the community well! She has no idea what
    see is talking about! I don’t even think they have the shooter when Trudeau
    is a Bush, Clinton operative involved with the MK Ultra program! Today they
    call it Biological studies!! Go to Kathy O’Reilly on YouTube and she will
    name Trudeau in her video in the 90’s!! Learn the truth! It’s a false flag

  • Dritan Bega

    Anybody knows what kind of gun was used, how did he get that gun ? For sure
    wasn’t a hunting gun, and here is Canada not easy to get good quality
    weapon, travel on the road and enter in the mosque, and what a coincidence
    happens now when Trump take some actions against “muslims”.Nobody sees
    anything there ?

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