EVIDENCE They’re Lying about the Syrian Gas Attacks

Definitive evidence that the U.S. and its allies are lying about the supposed chemical attacks in Syria.

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  • Millmoor Michael

    So why did Russia ban any inspectors from the site? There’s a truck loads of evidence against Assad spanning decades. You’ve been listening too much RT. Btw it’s been very effective strategy clearing rebel strongholds. Plus West’s response has been basically non-existent, and also seeems like Trump wants out of there. Your analysis is too simple.

  • grayeagle

    Hey StormClouds, you need to accept there has ben a massive change that has taken place in what the so-called WEST has begun to transition into once Trump has taken office. Dude we all know that Trump has answered to the fake chemical attacks by striking out at Assad without proof which is something totally opposite of everything else Trump has done so those who know with Trump’s answer to Assad compared to Obama’s answer to Assad the enjury to Assad or Syria has been zero and the Russians pre-warned to, not slaughtered like Obama would have done and did a few times. So if you dont wise up at StormClouds regarding Trump and if you continue to pretend Trump is just another bad guy instead of realizing Trump is playing the deep state ith Hot Air Attacks (like a pussy and we know Trump ain’t no pussy, hell ever heard of North Korea?) So stop making a fool of yourself with this corny premise you are promoting this videos information.

  • erikspen

    Minor correction: Del Ponte wanted to explore evidence that Rebels have used Sarin, but I’m not aware she was specifically referring to the primary 2013 incident.

  • erikspen

    Another correction: That classic picture of the propane tank improvised rocket is not chemical weapons: it’s a common improvised rocket. Again, not to defend the rebels here, but we need to make this harder to debunk.

  • James Hopkins

    The Un-united states of Merika… Is the land of the uninformed ignorant brainwashed & home of the comfortable, entitled & complacent…. a population addicted to their cell phone apps & wondering what to watch on netflix next.

    Obama’s greatest legacy is the Death of the Anti War movement…. the conservative Party’s we dream.

    The Masonic-Zio Old World Order is completely in control.

    Freedom of Speech is intact…. but if any one actually begins to thwart their agenda…. you will be Neutralized tomorrow.

    SO continue to chatter amongst yourselves… but avoid ANY effective strategies… or die.

  • Theredneck Prepper

    We got to stop the deep state CIA war machine ! Q team and Trump will find it and stop it. I believe ! Trust the plan ! The west is now 2 people !

  • Mark Edwards

    Good to see you back SCG.
    I was beginning to wonder whether you had been “compromised”.
    With all the lies and propaganda being spread around, we can rely on you to speak truth to lies. This is becoming more important than ever right now.
    Unfortunately, the western governments have gone much further than caring whether the people believe them any more. The self justification of their actions does not require consensus. And almost all the dissenting voices, and investigative journalism, have been silenced. What we are witnessing, is the blatant termination of democracy. If modern democracy wasn’t a sham right from the start. Democracy requires opposition. When the opposition is gone, so is democracy ! When the governmental institutions control the law, the media, industry, and the military, the resulting philosophy is Fascism. We all seriously need to think about that, and revisit the pages of history.
    Nearly all of the international institutions, like the United Nations, NATO, The European Union, and many more international trade agreements like NAFTA, are near collapse. This is a very dangerous sign indeed.
    And when we understand that the politicians in Washington DC, London, and elsewhere, are so self-dillusional that public opinion is irrelevant, then we can be assured that the systems in place to control leaders in our democratic countries have all but dissapeared. They (politicians) are literally “out of control”. And when they can defend their actions by assuring themselves that they are acting on the basis of democratic mandate, they can shirk any responsibility whatsoever. This makes them much more dangerous than any dictator. Dictators are (sometimes) forced to take responsibility for their actions. (Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Hirohito, Hussain). Democratic leaders do not take responsibility for their actions (Blair, GW Bush, Churchill, Netanyahu).
    There is no moral consensus any more in western democracies. Simply because morality can be obfuscated.

  • Overthrow N.W.O

    As easy as it often is to label people like General Mattis and others as stooges eagerly carrying out this deceitful game, I do have to wonder if these people aren’t operating under some extraordinary political pressure to do what they are doing or say the silly things they say about Assad using chem weapons. The other day Mattis stated before Congress that they didn’t have any other evidence than “monitoring social media” for Assad using these weapons. Mattis is not a dumb guy and one can only wonder if even he himself cringes when he says such stupid things that if nothing else, show a certain level of incompetence. Using social media? Really?? If one could be a fly on the way in this thing, I think we would see what’s really going on behind the scenes with pressure in DC and at the Pentagon from the Zionist Neo Cons. Maybe they’ve got another equivalent in the Pentagon to what they sureptitiously had in place there for 911. The “Office Of Special Plans” headed up by Zionist Douglas Feith. Col Wilkerson has spoken out about that Office and Ryan Dawson REALLY exposed it in his film, “The Empire Unmasked”

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