What Donald Trump Does Not Want You To Know About Iran

In this video, we go over the latest diplomatic disaster between Donald Trump and Iran. We cover Sean Spicer’s lies about Iran attacking the American Navy and the how this situation is getting out of hand quickly. We give you the real reasons why this is happening and the importance of this decision by the Trump administration. For more news like this join us on https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange

The Real Truth On Donald Trump That Everyone Needs To Realize NOW!!!

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    idiot, its all about the jews, this is what the jews want, either trump is
    a jew agent, or thr jewish CIA is making trump believe they work for the US
    and not the rothschilds

  • postmortemarg

    No one wants war, but you cant just let Iran continue to research the
    technology to launch icbms challenging UN resolutions. Iran itself said
    they would nuke israel when they get the capability to do so. You cant let
    Russia and China expand their borders by bullying smaller countries either.
    Is the world supposed to let them keep doing whatever they want without
    consequences or at minimum sanctions?

  • Jon O

    He should hire someone to talk abiut this, i mean i agree and he’s right
    but he’s just so fucking ugly.The message degrades on account of his

  • Außenseiter Magazin

    Don’t forget Iran helped the US Military in their Afghanistan Intervention,
    after condemning the 9/11 Attacks. That was just before they were called
    “Axis of Evil” by Bush. As i can recall , they even wanted to help in Iraq,
    but were dismissed by the US-government. Trumps actions and rhetoric is
    just as stupid, insulting and senseless as Bush/Obama’s. Luke is absolutely
    right on this, and it is a shame how so many americans don’t get the facts
    right on Iran. The Iran Deal is not what neocons try to make it, and it was
    stupid of me to think Trump would look through this BS.

  • Theresa St. Amant

    Actually, the US Coalition is going after the ‘root cause of terrorism’.
    You just won’t hear about it in American msm. A few days ago, the Coalition
    bombed the Syrian Red Crescent building. Sounds nasty, doesn’t it? Well,
    pro-regime news reported that the building had been occupied, as in living
    there, by radical rebels. .

    I too found Trump’s saber rattling about Iran’s nuke test unnerving. Putin
    came out to say it was all legal and I expected Trump to stand down and
    apologize. Didn’t happen though.

  • Shahbaz M

    if he wants a war we will give him a war .
    those little pussies suck at gorilla warfare. they can’t even secure
    afghanistans mountains and now they want to attack ours ??
    no problem
    i’m ready to fight !!!

  • Clinton-Crime Family

    Can’t we just get rid of the whole middle east with a giant weapon?

    Who needs them really?

    They are nothing but trouble for the world.

    With no middle easterns the world can chill the fuck out for a while.

    Everyone hates those cunts now!!!

  • Adam Kasprzyk

    My theory is that Trump is doing this to stay alive. He has some plans for
    America. He wants to secure the borders and create jobs. We can see he’s
    already doing that. But in order to do this he must avoid assasination. The
    last US president who openly opposed Israel was JFK. By kissing Israel’s
    ass and going against Iran Trump is hoping (((they))) will let him stay in
    the office. I believe Netanyahu has much bigger influence in the CIA than
    Trump himself.

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