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In this video series I have been talking about what does it mean to be a man. There are a lot of young men who do not have positive male influence in their life. Many young males do not have their fathers in their lives and in some cases their fathers are in their life but are not positive examples of manhood or fatherhood. This video will provide a positive example for you younger men so that you will have what you need to do better than I have. I am 40 years old I would still like to have more positive male influence in my life. In many cases this is difficult because there are a lot of males who say they are about one thing but they live another lifestyle behind the scenes. In my case, I live what I talk about. I am by no means perfect and there are things that I am working on my life. I have done a great job in my relationship with my wife and with raising our 5 beautiful children.
Boys complain. Men don’t complain. We get things done. I hear men blame women “She got me on child support”. A woman does not have that much power over a man. The woman does not have the man on child support, the man has the man on child support. Young men don’t get yourself caught up with the baby mama drama. It will be problem for the rest of your life. It is not about quantity of women that you have it is about the quality of women that you have. Get yourself one good women and build with her.
In this video I talk about how young men should approach women. I also talk about the importance of developing skillset to be able to maintain the home. As an example, to be able to do manual labor. When I was child my father used to go in the garage and smoke weed all day. And he would tell me to go outside and mow the lawn. I was about 9 years old. He did not help at all. So I developed the skill set to be handy. I taught myself how to use repair tools and garden utensils. This was important for me and increased my value as a man. Now I am in a position to use these skills to be of service to my family.
So how do you approach women? For one understand that when we are attracted to a woman we are dealing with our animalistic nature and our instincts. Our instincts are autonomic. It is about survival and the perpetuation of the species. It is not about the intellect. When we come onto the planet we are all animalistic. The ides is “Can you evolve your higher nature?” As human beings we have a lower nature and a higher nature. The lower nature is largely tied to survival without thinking about future consequences. It is about sex and the perpetuation of the species. The higher nature is about the intellect and spiritual awareness. Part of this spiritual awareness deals with an understanding of future consequence that with every action that you take there is a future consequence.
Young men must be aware of the fact that creating many baby mamas will make it more difficult for him to be an active father in his children’s life.


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  • warm Flowers

    do u think it is an illusion,gender?as women can do everything men can do
    too…. but if they have a partner, she lets him do certain things and men
    let the women do certain role tasks too. maybe we jus all need to find
    postive rolemodelsof all gender, in general.hardworking, loyal, protective.

  • Adaku Dew

    The cat is hilarious. Infusing humor into such a serious topic can be a
    great thing. Thank you so much for being a black man who is empowered and
    is preaching personal responsibility and teaching men to respect women. The
    disrespect of women by men on YouTube is at and all time high and is very
    sad so it is a breathe of fresh air to watch your videos.

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