The Canadian Federal Election 2015, one guy’s opinion. Time for change?

My opinion on the recent election of Justin Trudeau, and the political and financial system in general. Take it or leave it. Cheers
– David Whitehead


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  • Justin Poulos

    Expertly said David Whitehead. You are aligned with truth. I resonate with
    everything you say, except your uses of the words “global’, and ‘planet.’
    Oh, and that the ones controlling this world are “people.” I would disagree
    with that, too.

    P.S. You might want to double-check why you believe it’s a planet you’re
    living on. “Check your gut, check the facts.” “The proof is in the
    pudding.” “Look around at the world.” “Ideas have been around on this
    ‘planet’ for thousands of years, but have been suppressed.”

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