Illuminati, Jesuits, Obama & Government Connections with Johnny Cirucci

Illuminati connections to the government through the Jesuits, and the long standing ties from George Washington and the founding fathers all the way to Obama that links the US empire to the vatican is revealed by Johnny Cirucci. How Guy Fawkes isn’t who you think he is, the Bin Laden lies around 9/11 and his death, and the secret society that really runs the show is explored in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

Johnny Cirucci is the author of ILLUMINATI UNMASKED. Johnny’s columns have been featured on Before It’s News, Raiders News Update, the Government Rag, the SHTF Journal and the Save America Foundation.

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00:01 Welcoming Jonathan Cirucci to Buzzsaw.
00:45 Motivation to explore the illuminati.
04:05 Bin Laden and suspicions of the absurd conspiracy.
07:00 The global empire, jesuit influence, and President Obama.
14:15 Exploring the intercession and training of the Jesuits: “Owning the CIA.”
21:53 The Illuminati and Jesuit connection.
25:15 George Washington & Guy Fawkes Jesuit connections.
28:51 The enemy within, LSD & CIA experiments, and Oliver North in the 1980s.
32:10 The New World, the Pope, and true masters of the empire.
36:24 Thanks and goodbye.


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  • Robert Ricci

    God bless this man, the veterans from webster ma know about these people
    MIKE BISSETTE sex abuse and torture of kids……cocaine trafficing…

  • Richardichard

    Sean, I hope you read this. I know you think you are informed and awake,
    but your constant use of the words ” globe, global etc ” shows me
    otherwise, unless you are deliberately continuing to use this false concept
    to keep people ignorant. May I suggest you research what Im saying. The
    globe model is a lie, a hoax ,the moon landings were a hoax, the ISS is a
    hoax, satellites are a hoax…this world is a flat, motionless plane…this
    is not a joke. Don’t shoot the messenger…! Ps. I can’t listen to this
    anymore due to the very poor sound quality from your guest. With all of
    that equipment around you, one would think you could do better than this.

  • broandrew

    THanks for the TRUTH, it shall set you FREE from their grip. You don’t need
    an old jolly fat man in a Jez- u it suit, you just need the real Mc Coy
    Lord Jesus of Nazareth the KING of KINGS and the LORDY of LORDS! Allow the
    Lord in! He is a knocking on your door, one more time. Let the Savior in
    and watch the Jez u it dude perish.

  • R G

    So every Catholic , automatically means that your a Jesuit? He’s had not
    one shred of evidence that a government official put the pope before the
    United States. It wasn’t the Protestants that were ruling under during
    9/11. JFK is still the ONLY Roman Catholic president and the Protestant
    hicks from Texas blow his brains out. What are u saying? My god this
    country is Christian period. I’m Roman Catholic and I’ve been to Fordham
    and st anthonys high school, they teach the New Testament and that’s about
    it. Was it the Roman Catholics dancing on vans with explosives? Was it the
    RC’s that had art students IN THE WTC with pictures of their office with
    copper wiring, was it a RC that owned the WTC and hired the hicks from
    Texas? This guys “evidence is so off that he needs to google things. What a
    joke Roman Catholic is bar far the highest % of christians yet we’ve had 1
    president that had his brains blown out. Case closed shut up you fool

  • Sam Bodhi

    King Mossiach, (Jews) imam Mahidi (islam) Adonoi awaited leader of secret
    societies are same individual. With Jesus world gone be like paradise. Both
    Holy individual are in Earth, do sincere pray to creator for their reign .
    Let’s spread peace and love.

  • Pamela Rice

    Fasces symbol all over official government buildings. Lincoln Memorial just
    one example….. It appears on U.S. coins and seals….

  • Pamela Rice

    Sean….. These interviews are so excellent. Can you please make sure your
    guests have quality and tested microphones before you start? You can’t just
    leave it up to your guests. You’re the producer; they don’t know any

  • Pamela Rice

    Damn…. I’m trying to hear this interview. Sound quality so bad I can
    hardly make out what your guest is saying….

  • Anchorage 49th

    I’d personally like to hear David Wilcock, Corey Goode, or Ken O’Keefe.
    Good work tho Sean. Maybe you could do a personal video of just you talking
    about your perspective and life advice to people on whatever.

  • Manik Chand

    Bin Laden – the actor was played by a guy named Timothy Goldsmith and it
    was a faked video, pictures and other kinds of media psy-op perpetrated by
    first the Clintons, then the Bushes and continued by Obama-Clintons. When
    they were having a difficulty about getting the American people to approve
    the debt ceiling increase on or around April 24th of 2011, Obama played the
    entire world with this cleverly designed story by Panetta-Mullen-McChrystal
    and all and they even tried to keep Robert gates out of the loop, but
    fearing an expose, they included him at the last minute before the photo
    op, during which they also included an ‘Inserted’ Hillary Clinton’ picture
    with her hand over her mouth. The real guy Bin Laden, died at the age of 21
    in Yemen due to some ailment which was germane with cement and concrete
    inhalation as his father was a construction engineer for the Saudi King and
    his works were continuing in Mecca and Medina. Bin Laden the tallest among
    his father’s 54 kids was a lanky young man, who never left Yemen and he
    died in Yemen. The entire fable about his being in Sudan, Afghanistan and
    Pakistan, even Sarajevo is all a CIA-ISI-MI-5 Psy-op.

  • Matty B

    Thanks again for a wonderful guest and your thoughtful questions and
    I’m still rather fresh to your awesome stuff.

    Please remember microphone haters: sometimes these “air waves” can be
    purposefully disrupted especially when discussing such important
    controversial subjects. It may not be completely comfortable to watch but
    the majority is understood.

  • Jay Hansen

    no bill, Obama is a bitch, and anyone in that arena is, when you do no
    stand on your own two feet and meet the world of course with compromise,
    but without bowing, then you are a bitch

  • Yuri Hyuga

    I am getting sick of you guys for attacking Illuminati like street thugs.If
    you have courage,then face them directly but you don’t,you are full of fear
    and your fear will be your undoing.Inferior beings

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