New World Order Revolution & War on Free Thought with James Perloff

The New World Order conspiracy to enslave humanity, the revolution against it, and the fight for free thought against media lies and government manipulation is explored with author James Perloff. The Brexit vote, as well as BBC 9/11 lies, the rush to judgement on the Orlando shooting, and the removal of spirituality from society by those in power is all revealed. Is evolution just a lie to promote an agenda of political overlords? Will we all be micro-chipped and tracked by a totalitarian state in the near future? Take a look at the big picture in this uncensored discussion hosted by Sean Stone, on Buzzsaw.

James Perloff is the author of several books, including: TRUTH IS A LONELY WARRIOR, TORNADO IN A JUNKYARD, THE CASE AGAINST DARWIN, and THE SHADOWS OF POWER.

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00:01 Welcoming James Perloff to Buzzsaw.
00:47 Is the Brexit a revolt against the New World Order?
03:12 Synergy between the New World Order and the British empire.
06:12 The council on foreign relations revealed.
09:39 An argument against the UN form of world government.
12:39 All-powerful states, using false political dialectics to divide and conquer.
15:30 What does the future look like? The surveillance state; chipping everyone.
18:16 A personal account of immunization.
23:42 Catalyst to write THE SHADOWS OF POWER–making sense of history.
27:12 The media echo chamber conspiracy–BBC 9/11 coverage, and getting the story straight on the Orlando shooting.
31:44 Validation of the “conspiracy theorists,” and modern ‘newspeak.’
34:15 The burden of proof for spirituality and Darwinism.
39:07 Man as an animal? The spiritual battle.
40:23 The revolution to come.


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  • Doug Ernest

    it’…, CAexit,
    WAexit, ORexit, WIexit, etc.

  • Brian Bailey

    The public push back for sovereignty will force the oligarchs to WW3 to
    allow them to take full control. Or so they think.
    World government is inevitable but it can’t be forced on people before they
    are ready. Human consciousness must grow region by region. We can’t even
    meet the needs of the people in this country. For the elite to attempt to
    force this on the people is idiocy. It shows no real intelligence coming
    from the elite bc it simply will not work.

  • pusang halaw

    enjoyed the first half of the show and i always liked perloff but didn’t
    know he’s christian… so sad. faith destroys credibility.

  • THE WAR In Our Time

    Sean Stone, Buzzsaw, and LIP: strongly suspect are NOT alternative media
    but a tool for them to deceive with the truth.

  • Sonny Salvador

    Thats why i like Sean Stoner and the Buzzsaw because he always talks about
    the real issues.
    Bravo Sean.

  • Lee Burkett

    Here’s the thing: What’s the difference between Nationalism and Religion?
    Trick question. There is no difference. Both are constructs of the human
    mind, and both are simply belief structures that inform action. To suggest
    that a tyrannical national government is superior to a tyrannical global
    government requires a sort of moral equivalency, and a sort of mental
    gymnastics, that is mind boggling.
    Transnational corporations are pushing for global government. That cannot
    be denied. But to suggest that they are not using appeals to nationalism to
    further their agenda is naive. They’re currently thriving while billions of
    us cling to ancient belief systems of religion and nationalism. A corporate
    run world is already the reality, and nationalism isn’t going to stop it.
    Some type of global government is inevitable. The question is- what sort of
    global government will we end up with? One that continues to allow a
    handful of people to profit enormously, or one that allows all of us to
    thrive? Will we have all war all the time, homelessness, hunger, genocide
    and ecocide- or will we find another paradigm?
    Having said all that, there is much that Mr. Perloff says that I agree

  • D1SER

    Really Great Interview,James Perloff is Great Guest Very Informative! *Wake
    Up & Break Tha Fuck Out The Matrix! Thanx for Getting the Truth Out To The
    People Sean…

  • James Dore

    James Perloff is a smart man but when it comes to creation vs evolution all
    of the arguments he is positing have already been answered and explored. It
    comes as no surprise that he has no idea that we have already observed the
    natural process of speciation in laboratories using fruit flies, the claims
    he makes are extraordinary in favor of a god to which evidence demonstrates
    his existence to be false. Hey Perlof, if creation is how we got here,
    which creation myth is how it all happened: Genesis 1 or Genesis 2?

  • Marlen Vargas Del Razo

    Excellent Interview from beginning to end, essentials discussed here which
    is what’s needed when so many have no time to dig deep into a lot of these

  • Reb Dalmas

    Intelligent design is then ‘ god’ in a way, because what works and does no
    harm, is what builds a life that would be heaven on earth. What is an
    imperfect practice but a structural violence and not a momentum that
    supports and expands creation. A real parent, a real ‘ god’ gives what
    would make life its own generator, following principles that guide, for
    which there is only one. This principle follows that rule of give as one
    would receive, the principle of equality and oneness.

  • Brian Wolcott

    nice hand symbolism at the end of the show. i wonder if he’ll do a show on
    the jesuit control of the world such as how they created islam. doubt it
    though because he is a free mason and muslim convert.

  • Ed Majden

    Good interview until it gets to the end where he brings creationism into
    this rejecting scientific thought! He shoots himself in the foot here! Sad!

  • NightmareRex420

    the “war on drugs” should of acauly been called “the war on open minds”
    your allowed this drug and this drug but not that drug. think about it
    isent it odd that countrys that HATED us at the time like japan grinding
    towerds Pearl harbor and others accepted the “treaty” and still most
    countrys keep them illegal despite haveing different views.

  • Shuaib Karim

    Awesome show sean I’m glad we have you giving the news on what’s going on
    in our reality thank you Sean thank you for all that you do.

  • Michelle Moore

    When we realize that we are not divided by nations, or races, or religions,
    that we are one race, the HUMAN RACE, we may be able to transcend the evil
    elite who are busy trying to rule the world with only their wealth,
    property and prestige as end goals. The military industrial complex is a
    the crux of the issue. Given the recent turn of events in American
    politics, we are headed toward tyranny. End the Federal Reserve, end the
    CIA, and there may be hope. Short of that, the best you van do is work in
    your immediate area to make life better in your neighborhood. Volunteer,
    run for office, teach your kids to be philanthropic, kill your TV, do your
    own research, educate your self, and educate your friends and family.

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