The Electoral (S)Election Process May Soon Become Even More Manipulative Than It Already Is!

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Just when you thought our electoral system couldn’t be anymore corrupt…
Bill C33 creeps up again with a good chance the Liberals will pass the bill and make it a law. C33 would give foreigner’s and/or non Canadian citizens the ability to vote in the next overlord. In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth points out the dangerous aspects of this bill that would deeply alter our already extremely corrupt electoral system which gives even more reason to why you should not vote at all and instead spoil you ballet.

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  • D

    I voted for that phony baloney because he promised to do away with the first past the post system. Instead of following through with that promise, he’s now doing this. How can anyone have faith in these liars?

  • Michael Gunn

    Just to be clear, do you think that declining your ballot is a better option? I have always thought it is preferable to voting. The tough part is getting a significant number of people do join in.

  • Honest ABE

    Watch for Democrat style liberal fraud in Canada …no ID so that dead and illegals vote, next probably will be the George Soros voting machines which can be rigged. Some counties in the U.S. that went democrat had a 120% more votes cast than there were eligible voters.

  • Murray Henderson

    I declined my vote in the last federal election. It was not counted as you say, as a vote of nonconfidence, but simply ignored. The woman at the poll showed me her guidebook, and it showed us that there was absolutely no cosequence to my decined vote.

  • Let your Light shine

    Canadiens are facing the same evil globalist cabal we are faced with here in America! Everything I’m seeing is causing me great concern. If the cabal is not stopped soon, then we reach a point where their is a point of no return. It is my Hope that Trump can take down the Cabal here, and we can then assist other countries to do the same. Red pill as many as you can, because this is all going to come to a head very soon!

  • jim morrisey

    The Electoral Process is the only thing protecting us from this new bill C-33. Because most of those illegals will only be welcomed in certain areas and therefore even with a popular vote for Trudeau because of cheating, they could still lose because they have less candidates. Just like what happened to the Democrats when they cheated. The few constituents who cheated, were in California and New York and even with 5 million potentially non legal votes, they still lost.

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